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BIDI (LIVE). 17 MAY 2020

Well, Bidi is with you, and he sends his regards.

It's been more than two months since I had the opportunity to speak among you.

We are going to begin by embracing you, in receptivity, so that I can deliver the words and phrases, intended to wake you up.

The world is what it is, it must be fully seen and accepted as a masquerade, as something that only shakes you, and allow you to wake up to who you are, beyond being, beyond form and beyond all stories.

The story that is being told, that is being lived and seen, collectively right now on Earth, is a unique opportunity to end the deception, the illusion of life and consciousness. You are Life, but not your life, nor the life of one, nor the life of the other. That is in that you are Life. Where there is no more particularism, where there is no more difference, where no form can affect or trigger the slightest judgment.

It is in this tranquility where you can go through absolutely everything that is of the order of creation, whether it is the manipulations, whether it is the Intergalactic Confederation of Free Worlds, whatever is manifesting itself, in these days, has the sole function of revealing and awakening you beyond form, beyond worlds, beyond all consciousness.

How do you know it, how do you live it? From the moment that your impassivity, your divine indifference is there, you can no longer be affected no matter what happens to this character and this story, by what is happening, what is passing. It is in what is happening that you discover that you will never pass.

You are the immutability, you are what has always been there, no matter what your body says, no matter what this society says, and no matter what the spirituality says.

You discover within the confinement, within the current conditions of this world, the Truth of Freedom. Freedom cannot be enclosed in any form, any function, any world and any scenario.

The scenario that you are living now on this Earth has only one function and mission, it is to end the dream state, what I called at the time, the Turiya state. That is how you will come to laugh, smile and laugh your heads off, that none of this is real.

Certainly, there are sweats, hot or cold, tingling, fires that go through you, that consume you, but you are nothing that is consumed. You cannot be consumed. You are unalterable, inalienable, invincible and undefeatable.

It is not just one point of view, it is the totality of points of view that shows you the vanity and irresponsibility of believing in any individuality of the person, of the soul and of the spirit.

All this has only served to nourish the consciousness and the dream, to make the dream work, until you have explored all its facets, all its particularities, all its pseudo-individualities, in order to understand that it is based only on wind, only on passing emotions, which seem to freeze you. But it is precisely by being frozen, limited, constrained by the society of this world, to overcome the first fears, the first sweats, the first questions, the first rebellions, that you realize that it is strictly useless for the Truth, except to enlighten what was not enlightened.

You accept the game, that's how you realize that it's just a game, and every game has a beginning and an end. The end brings you back to the beginning, the final instant is nothing but the initial instant, encompassing all the stories, all the scenarios, all the postures, all the behaviors, all this world, like all the worlds.

The time is, I would say, for the practical work, for the application of all that the Elders, the Stars, the Archangels, and all that I have been telling you since 2012. You still have to let go of all the last habits, no longer personal, but linked to the dream itself: the need to sleep, the need to eat, the need to have relationships. In short, everything you call the vital needs that are today amputated or modified, has only one function: to show you the absurdity of consciousness, spirituality, energy, vibration and all forms within any world.

Many of you are living what you call this state of indescribable Agape Love, which does not depend on anything, on anyone, or on any circumstance. And I would say that the particular circumstances of today's society, Western as well as Eastern or Far Eastern, are somehow made to show you the uselessness of the scenario in itself.

But it was necessary to go through what was written to see that it was written, and that what is written and which unfolds according to a linear plan, or according to a given dimensional plan, is in truth only a construction of form, arrangement and vibration, which has no reality with regard to the Truth that you are. This will appear to you, if it has not already done so, as something totally obvious, and even more so, something totally natural. It is the natural state.

As long as you believe you have a function, a purpose, an evolution, you are not in your natural state. The natural state is the state of silence, that has been explained, the state of acceptance, where any confrontation will be resolved inside you as well as in the eyes of the world, through laughter, through a smile. You are no longer fooled by the manipulations, by the shenanigans of your mind, of your character, of this society, of this world, and yet you know, as you live it, that you have nothing to expect in any future, in any plan whatsoever.

So certainly, the Commander has told you about a written script that is taking place right now, you wrote it, we wrote it, but all of this writing is just a piece of paper, precisely because there was an appearance of a beginning and now there is an appearance of an end.

Everything that began is not real, everything that disappears and will disappear is not real. It is only a matter of arrangement, with the support of the Intelligence of Light, having allowed you to understand that the puzzle, once put together, once completed, has never existed anywhere else but in what you had projected or refused to project.

The story, the scenario, is a projection. The very plan of creation and its evolution, in innumerable dimensions, in innumerable layers of vibration and consciousness, is just as useless as consciousness itself. But it was necessary to realize this and to see that all conscious creation, using the Intelligence of Light, the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine, had only the purpose of making you join and live what has been called the Primordial Androgyne, at the end of your nose.

That is why Omraam and Abba had spoken of red noses, the puppets, the clowns, who disguised themselves and disguised history, in order to make it last. No story has a beginning or an end, only at the level of appearances, only at the level of the experience of consciousness, the experience of your emotions, your scenarios, your stories, your projections.

To be free of everything, is not to refuse to see nor to put your head in the hole, but to take your head out of the hole, to see clearly what is perceptible, whether it is through the five senses, the electric, energetic, magnetic, vibratory senses, that all these senses only serve to dream, only serve to create substance that has no reality at the level of the essence. In other words, you are the essence of all substances, whatever they are.

You are all consciousnesses, even the most opposed to the Light. From there, and without any particularism, you discover in a great burst of laughter, as promised to you by the Commander, in the script of this month of May, the Truth that you are, which can be affected neither by suffering, nor by death, nor by an apparition, nor by a disappearance, whether it be yours or of this world, or of any other.

Freedom does not care about the laws of this world, Freedom does not care about the laws of society, Freedom does not care about the law of action and reaction, Freedom is a thanksgiving, a state of Grace called Agape, where the Fire of the Heart emanates from you permanently beyond all intentions, all prayers and all circumstances of your life as well as of this world.

There is your safe conduct, there is the only Truth, there is the only precept. If you keep this in mind, you will live the heart, but if you emit a thought of perpetuation, of evolution, of new earth, or if you impose limits on yourself coming from the past of your character, or from any action-reaction of reincarnation, you are not available to live the entirety of grace, which is laughter and smile, which is silence.

You see the game, you participate in the game, but you are nothing of the game board, nothing of the characters, and nothing of what is written, that has already been written, that has already been lived. If you accept to position yourself, if I may say so, all your points of view, whether it be that of the supra-consciousness, of the interhuman societal articulation, will really appear to you for what it is, a masquerade that makes no sense and that can only make you smile.

See then how the architecture of the Lighting of the Light is done in a natural way, is done in a more and more intense, spectacular, even horrifying way for some, but all this is only role-playing, fool's games, which only have the function to burn, to consume, to liberate the Naked Truth.

This Naked Love which does not depend on any circumstance, on any condition, on any world, and it is precisely the conditions of this world, at the present time, that create the resolution, whatever the appearances, whatever the harshness, whatever the resentment you may still feel or manifest, All this has only a time, all this is only a vast nightmare that allows you to come out of the dream, to come out of sleep, to come out of the life of form and to come into the life of essence, where no substance, where no consciousness is of any use to you anymore.

You will not be able to oppose the script as the Commander said, because it is immutable. It is simply frozen on the film and only the speed of the scrolling, only time allows you, by stopping it, to see the global vision of the film, of the script.

Indeed, you have revealed, amplified, revealed this scenario, each in your own way, according to your point of view, according to your experience, according to your expectations, according to your hopes, but all this today is proving to be futile.

In Truth, there is nothing to want for this world and in this world. The present, special circumstances are no longer in the pursuit of any kind of activity, but in the acceptance and living of Silence, of zero time, all your obligations, all your laws, all your morals, all your collective habits then fall of themselves.

It is a tidal wave of Truth, a tidal wave of Light, where nothing can remain apart, where nothing can be preserved in order to surrender, to restore you to the Truth. You are the Truth, you are the way that no longer has a path, you are the Truth that cannot be discussed and is not debatable, except by the one who does not live it, except by the one who opposes it, except by the one who has built other chimeras in the nightmare, especially of a future, luminous in form.

All this is nonsense, the stupidity of the consciousness, which has not seen itself as it is, something that passes. There are still many of you, even while living the Fire of the Heart, to nourish scenarios of projection of a new earth, of a future here or elsewhere. The present has neither future nor past. Truth does not depend on tomorrow or on past experiences. The Truth is inscribed in the experience of the instant, in the Silence, allowing you to unmask the nightmare, all the nightmares concerning your projections, your desires, your habits as human beings and no longer personal, all that makes the alternation of days and nights and seasons.

And all this in a cyclical way from year to year, from incarnation to incarnation, from era to era. All this is wind! You have never moved, you have never lit up, you have never been in the shadows, you have never lived the scenario you are playing. It is indeed a game. Is the actor of the theatre or the cinema, who invests himself in his role, even if he has to live it, once he has finished playing, what remains, a memory.

You have to play what you have written, what each of you had to play in those particular times of creation.

So do not look for a new root race, do not look for blue beings or beings of light, you are all that, you have already lived it, it is just a memory. This memory that allows you to go through all the memories of consciousness, and to go to the emergence of consciousness, which is beyond the Light.

You are the Light, you are the Intelligence of the Light, but you are also prior to the Light. You are the creators, you are the creatures, you are the dream and you are the nightmare. Everything comes from you, everything comes from you and everything comes back to you, without exception. It is not an action-reaction, nor is it retribution or punishment, but such is the nature of grace.

Be true and authentic with yourselves in what you have to live, but do not allow yourselves to be stopped, do not allow yourselves to be frozen by all that is lived. You are anterior to all that is lived.

You are innumerable to have witnessed in every possible way the zero time, the present instant, the Parabrahman, the Shantinilaya, the black hole in the Heart of the Heart and you know, when you live it, that there is no other Truth and all other truths can only fade before the magnificence of who you are.

You are the creators of the Light, and in the same way, you are the creators of the shadows. You have unfolded this in every possible way; we have all done it at one time or another, but it all belongs to the dream, it all belongs to the changing forms, the colors, the sounds, the lights and shadows, the dimensions. You are of all dimensions because you are prior to the dimensions.

Those who live it understand it because they live it. As long as you want to understand it is that you do not live it. Wanting to understand is a wall that you erect between the Truth and what you believe to be.

Accept the moment as it is, as it presents itself, with its joys as well as with its sufferings. If you truly, sincerely and truly accept the present instant, then you are present to yourselves, present to the absence and absent to your presence, and there you are free, because absence and presence are there also the two sides of the same coin. The Commander has spoken to you from the simulacrum side, the sacred side, and I tell you that there are not two sides in the room, because the room does not exist.

This is the final stage, you have never moved, and everything that takes place inside and outside is just a vast masquerade, joining the simulacrum and the sacred in a final and initial Apotheosis, which sends you back to the Truth, which needs no decor, no justification and above all cannot be explained other than by the silent experience of Agape.

From the moment that this emanation is permanent, nothing can distract you, nothing can distract you, or seem to distract you, from that central point which contains all the peripheral points and all the points of view, precisely because you no longer have individualism, because you no longer believe in any individuality and because you really see and feel each other, each actor, each spectator, each shadow and each light.

If you remain in this form of constancy, whatever nightmare you are going to go through, then you are free, you are true. You find yourself with integrity and intact, virgin of all defilement, virgin of all beliefs, of all forms, of all future and of all past.

This is the fusion of the simulacrum and the sacred, effectively corresponding to human and celestial mechanics concerning this dimension of the dream, like all the dimensions of the dream, which achieves the fusion of the beginning and the end, showing you that the two are interchangeable, and that everything that has taken place between one of these two terms actually has no substance, no weight, no memory and no future.

Whatever happens, in any aspect of your consciousness, accept that this is not true and you will be true immediately, without delay, without questioning, because everything becomes answer, because everything is evidence, because everything is resilience.

As long as you believe that you have to make an effort, you cannot be free, and this in regard to anything, not only your consciousness, but in regard to your character as well as in regard to the whole of this society, or your family microcosm, or emotional, or relational microcosm. Freedom will be when you have this fine smile permanently on your lips, this shine in your eyes that nothing can affect, and especially not the disorders in your body or in your life, or on the screen of this society.

You are indeed in practice, in the practice of the Truth. Some people go frankly, others by trial and error, so they believe they are free to go at their own pace, but there is no proper rhythm. The only rhythm is the unveiling of the Intelligence of the Light, the only rhythm is that of the collapse of the masquerade, of the simulacrum as well as of the sacred. There is only one thing that is sacred, it is what you are; everything else is pseudo sacred.

There is no more cross than there is a Buddha tree. There is no more chalice than a spear that pierces the liver. There is no story that holds when you know and live the ins and outs of this pseudo-history. And at that moment, you can only smile on the inside as well as on the outside. As has been said, all this will end in a great burst of laughter that will consume all aspects of the dream, all aspects of the nightmare, and leave the Truth naked and the Love naked as in the initial instant, which is nothing but the final instant.

You are invited to come out of the linearity of time. You are invited to come out of any notion of distance linked to a space separated by time. There is neither space nor time, or else they are interchangeable by reciprocity as for the initial and final instants, the alpha and the omega. The omega is the alpha, the alpha is the omega, in everything that is played out in your life, in everything that you write down as information on your screens, on the information that circulates whatever it is. Don't be fooled, this is about enlightenment and not a fight.

Not even a fight for Truth because Truth does not need to fight. It has always been there. Whoever believes that he has to fight against this other, against this power, against this puppet, against this member of his brotherhood around him, cannot be free.

It is precisely this that puts you in chains, the fact that you have to react, therefore to adapt more or less well to the circumstances of history. You are none of the stories of this world; you are not even the story you know. You are nothing that is causal; you are beyond causality. There is Absolute Bliss and Truth that cannot be justified by any vision, by any speech, by any vibration, and by any circumstance.

Be lucid and above all be humble. You have nothing to do with it and yet you have everything to do with it. Do not be fooled by the script; you wrote it, certainly to play it, not to believe in it, not to adhere to it, not to make it last beyond what is necessary since time does not exist and neither does space. It is only you, without any concept, without any deployment, neither dimensional, nor energetic, nor of the Light, it is you who have created all that.

You wanted to dream, we all wanted to dream. We all wanted to know the map and the territory of this earth as well as all the dimensions. All this has a time, the time of illusion, the illusion of time passing, the illusion of space that puts a distance, the illusion of dimensions that makes you consider thresholds of evolution. You are perfect. How could what is perfect fall, could evolve or could progress? The progression belongs to the ego, to the swindle of consciousness and spirituality.

You are in the present instant; you are true, and all those who live it tell you so in every possible way, and I am not just talking about the speakers, Abba or noggin head. All those who are living it tell you the same thing, whether it is in the East, in the West, whether it is in Africa, whether it is in the Arctic or the Antarctic, it is universal.

There is only one Truth, it is the same for everyone, it is the same for all worlds, and this Truth is within you, where there is no more form, where there is no more distance, where there is no more time, just the zero instant, The so-called present instant, which is the total present of Light, is the gift of Grace, the gift of Truth that is independent of forms, independent of all interactions and relationships, and even of all resonances.

You all have the roles, but remember, they are only roles, and as soon as there is a role, there is a beginning and an end. It's the same in all areas of human life, you're a child first, then you're a teenager, then you're an adult, then you're an old man, it's inescapable. It just passes and it can only pass. Understand the meaning of the words, go beyond intellectual understanding, go directly into the experience of the instant, ask for nothing, expect nothing, project nothing. Have fun if you want with the news from this world or the news from your garden, it makes no difference.

You know when you are real that all these are only occupations, diversions to, as you say, "pass the time", to "kill time" or to "save time". You are independent of time, you are independent of location in space.

Who is the master? Who is in charge? Who writes and who lives?

If it is not what you yourselves have, what we have all worked out together within the dream in order to make us remember, from the first emanation of consciousness, the immanence of presence and absence united in the Heart of the Heart in Shantinilaya. You are the Parabrahman, you are the Absolute. Everything else, Masters of Light, Archangels, Archons, energies, vibrations, are only things that pass and therefore pass away.

Accept this principle, which is not a belief, and you will directly live its effects, and you will live the certainty and Truth of my words, which are nothing other than your words at other times and in other spaces.

Look no further. Accept that you have always been there and will be there. You have nothing to ask, you have nothing to postpone. It is instantaneous, it transcends time, it transcends space, it transcends the person, and it transcends all worlds.

From there, you are available, lucid, awake and you realize that you have always been there, as we tell you. There are countless of you living it. If you are not yet experiencing it, it is an invitation to remain in the Inner Silence, to remain in this unconditional acceptance of all that is your capacity for acceptance, your capacity to let yourself go through flows directly from your freedom. There is no personal, affective, moral, human, social argument that stands up to this Truth.

The events that are taking place right now on this earth are more and more of a collective nature, whether it is the financial aspect, whether it is the so-called government aspects, whether it is the manipulation of the elites, whether it is your current state, all of this contributes to only one thing, the revelation of the unchanging Truth that has always been there. But for that, you must not be distracted, you must not be busy opposing, resisting, fighting, because it is you yourselves that you are fighting.

The full acceptance of what is, allows the welcome, allows the crossing, allows Silence, allows Joy and allows Agape. Everything else is only part of the scenery, everything else is strictly useless. You will realize this, if you have not already done so, every day that passes. So I have come, in these few words where there is nothing new, to invite you one last time to join this Ultimate that you are and that you have never left.

Do not look for him; he is there, for every search, as you know, creates a projection of consciousness, of vitality, of history. The time for projections is over. This is the end of the film, the instant when the lights come back on in the dark room, so that you can see that indeed, there has never been a projection, there has never been a dark room, there has never been a spectator, there has never been an actor, there has never been a story. It's all a game of consciousness.

The conscience will always hide the truth from you by making you glimpse a savior, a being of light that you are, a new land, the end of the puppets. In short, all scenarios are possible, but no scenario can stand before the Truth that you are, in the instant, outside of time and space, outside of any identification, outside of any claim.

Lead your life as you have written it, as it is, especially at this instant. No matter how pleasant or hateful it may be, it must no longer affect you. If you are in the Heart of the Heart, nothing of this world, even in its most tragic aspects, can deviate you one iota, one centimeter, one second.

You yourselves are the key, you yourselves are the lock, you yourselves are the door, until you realize that it never existed. The only thing that exists is the consciousness that believes itself to be assimilated to a form, a dimension, an evolution or any kind of transformation.

When we insisted for years that everything was perfect, that is the strict truth. And the more the apparent imperfection of this world, of this society, or of your own life in its limited aspects will appear to you, the more they will be dissolved, transmuted by the Light itself.

You do not have to ask for it, you do not have to demand it, you do not have to pray for it, you do not have to anticipate it. You have to resolve it in your own heart, without asking for anything, in this fire of the heart, in this spontaneous emanation of being and non-being, joined through an illusory figure in the middle of his chest as in each of its cells, as in each of its parts.

Everything else will become more than superfluous, everything else will become a weight until you understand that there has never been any weight. You have to live it to believe it, because then your lived experience can be believed. But as long as you don't live it, don't give it any credit, don't believe it.

Everything is false, except the Absolute Truth. How do you know if it is the absolute Truth? By the brightness of your eyes, by your smile, and by your divine indifference, whatever there is to see, whatever there is to go through, whatever the state of one of the components of your consciousness. You are not consciousness, you are not suffering, you are not any of your joys that pass within this world, that seem so real when you experience them and that never last.

The Agape state cannot disappear since it is the natural state. If you prefer the word natural state and you don't like words like Agape, it doesn't matter. Are you natural or not, this is the only question that can still emerge at times. If you are natural, everything is fluid, what was called years ago the fluidity of unity. It is the Christic state, it is the Chorus of Angels. You become the Impersonal. You are the freedom of Eynolwaden.

You are all of that at the same time while being none of that, because you see everything as an acting, as a stage, really, that is what it is. That's how you see that there has never been theatre, there has never been film, there has never been a script, there has never been a simulacrum, and there has never been any sacredness.

There is only the truth, this beatitude without reason, without end and without beginning, which dwells in you, and which you are. You do not need any other suit, you do not need to explain, you do not need to feel, you are immediately, if your decision is sincere, if there are no innuendoes, if there are no things left in the shadows in your unconscious or subconscious. Then you live the truth.

And rest assured, all the events that occur every day in your intimacy, in your home, as in society, will bring you closer and closer to this great burst of laughter every day. It's all a farce.

My words are not empty words. When I was incarnate, I said it again in 2012, "my words cannot fail", because they are not words that depend on one opinion or another, they are not words that come from a belief or a verification by facts, but it is inherent to your state of essence.

Be humble, of that humility of which Master Philipe of Lyon spoke several years ago, of that humility of childhood of which the star Therese spoke, which are, I remind you, your attributes.

The twelve stars, beyond the forms worn by those women, are above all spiritual virtues, the virtues of the Spirit, which are in you and which are related to your crowning as sovereign, but not sovereign in your life in that form, sovereign prior to form, prior to dimensions, prior to distance, prior to the past, and prior to any future.

Remember that if it seems to you today that you must make an effort to live Agape, it is because you are not available. Forget any notion of effort. The truth is simple, it will never be an effort, it will never be knowledge, it will never be in movements of any kind. It will never be in freedom, energy or vibration. It is prior to that.

I remind you, and I will end my speech with these words, that everything you are led to encounter, whether it be on your screens, whether it be on the laws, whether it be around you in your closest surroundings, where you are, is only a pretext to unveil the truth, and to make you live it beyond any question, any request, any pain as well as any joy.

It is in this human condition, in this particular condition of these particular times, that everything is made extremely easy for you, and extremely accessible. I would say that in this case here, it is your lack of belief in the Truth that distances you from the Truth.

It is your one hundred percent commitment to the Truth which is not quite one hundred percent, but do not be alarmed at all. Do not be anxious about anything, nor impatient for anything. As the Commander said, it is up to you, and the more you accept it, the more you believe it, the more you will experience it and the more the film will appear for what it is, a projection, nothing more.

It is no longer time to meditate, it is no longer time to pray, it is time to live within the illusion as it is, to live the Truth. This has never been the case in the history of this world, as it has never been the case in the history of all dimensions. And when you live it, you will only be able to do as Abba did, to say: "it is so simple", and you will see at that moment all the illusions of spirituality, of vibrations, of scenarios, whether it is the scenario of the Archons of the New World Order or whether it is the scenario of Mary, it does not matter, everything is only a pretext and circumstance, everything is only a precondition to make you finally live the Truth.

You have always been there, so that you may live, and this is the understanding, that there is no more dream than dreamer, there is only you, there is no one. There is no one but the Truth of the instant, where the Absolute is, because it is present in every instant, in every parcel of time, in every dimensional state as well as in every space.

You see, I am only repeating things that I have already said, but which fit perfectly into what you live in the theater, as an actor, as a spectator, as a screenwriter, as a director, and also as an object of the set. You have all the roles because there are no roles to play. You're all the bad guys, you're all the good guys, because there's no good guy and no bad guy. There is only the Truth that does not depend on conscience, nor on your character, nor on this world, nor on any world.

This is an injunction, by my words, to live the Truth. It is an injunction to be where you are, and not elsewhere. It is an injunction to Silence, to transparency. The key is humility and simplicity, which was named many years ago by the Ancients, the four pillars of the heart.

Stop thinking of yourself as a man, as a woman, as a husband, as a child, as a manager, as a worker. Stop considering yourself on one side or the other of politics. Many of you are finding that your real needs in inner terms are not the needs of the character, to have a social role, to have a family role, to have a human role.

All that you live it. And each occasion and each event is only a pretext to make you live it with more and more acuity, more and more sincerity and especially humility, simplicity.

There is no room in there for the chakras, there is no room in there for the energy, for the vibrations, for the new bodies even if they are there, even if you feel them. We are not going to give you the explanations of what you are experiencing. You have to live it.

You do not have to explain it, you have to accept it completely to be free, to go and see on the other side, and seeing on the other side puts an end to everything that is on this side, in this world of form, in these worlds of consciousness. There is Freedom. In other words, your individual freedom precedes the final event and the collective freedom.

You have already accepted, you have already experienced in part or in whole the shock of humanity, individually, in some countries, so it is the generalization of the shock of humanity. Of course, you have the right to have questions, you have the right to take an interest in the theatre scene in every possible way, but you will never be fooled by it again.

This is how life flows, in the simplicity of the child who is totally immersed in the instant, in what he is living, and not in what he anticipates, projects, or in what he suffers from any past.

I simply hope that my few words today will help you in the crossing of this particular scene, this particular world, in these particular times, where all the spaces, all the dimensions, come to meet your time, your instant, in all possible ways.

This is what Bidi had to tell you. We could talk for hours, about the same thing, in countless ways. The Truth is One, indissociable, non-fragmentable, non-divisible. And it is You.

Everything else is just passing, everything else is a dream, or a nightmare.

So Bidi will leave you with these words. I hope to come back, if I have time, in a few weeks, and I'm just saying Agape.

May Peace, Joy, Love, Light, and Truth be yours.

Bidi says hello.


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Well dear friends, I am very happy to be with you in this middle of May, as I told you. First of all, I send you all my blessings and love.

Then, of course, I will have some things to tell you about this beautiful month of May which is well underway now and I hope that the script and the script of this theatre scene suits you perfectly. I know that for many of you it is a nightmare what was written by the puppets. But it is precisely, I remind you that it is thanks to this nightmare that you will understand that you are asleep and that you have to wake up. And that the only awakening, as we have always said, is inside, that is to say, inside your body where all the answers are.

And it is in that Heart, in that ephemeral, illusory body, that is your only awakening at this time that allows you to find yourself completely, I would say, with increasing ease as the final script of the simulacrum unfolds before your eyes even if you feel you are participating in it. I remind you that all this is just a bad dream, a nightmare whose only purpose is to make you remember who you were before all these forms and all these worlds. It sounds simple enough to say, but it's even simpler to realize the instant you accept it.

Whether you are a part of, I would say, in this theatre scene according to your occupations, your activities, your functions if you want, or whether you are simply the spectator, the observer of what happens in this memorable script that was written by the puppets but also, I remind you that the other side of the play is the Sacred, as Abba had already shown you years ago. It's been two years since you've had a kind of synchronicity between what takes place on the theatre stage of the simulacrum and the other side of this play, of course, it's the Sacred, that is to say, the Awakening to the Truth.

And this Truth, of course, there is only one and it is common to everyone, it is present with the same intensity whatever the state of your body, whatever you feel you are facing or living on this theatre stage. It is evident that everything is done in your life, in your intimacy, in your depth, in the place where you are on this planet as well as the actions of the puppets, are only there to wake you up definitively so that you never again feel like dreaming or projecting any consciousness somewhere.

You are anterior to consciousness and you have today the possibility every minute, in every circumstance, to verify it with increasing ease and ease. Simply accept it and it will become the Truth common to every form, to every consciousness and to every world.

So, first of all, before making a point, precisely on this scene of simulacrum and on the scene of the Sacred, we are going to, if you wish, dear friend, move forward with the questions that we did not finish last time, if there are some that bring something new. So, I'm listening to you. Of course, if the questions refer to things that have been said countless times, I will refer you to what has been said so as not to repeat myself and overload my speech. So, I am listening to you, dear friend.

-Brother: Well, then, first question from a sister. Do our cells carry the information of our becoming?

I repeat a little ... of our becoming?

-Brother: Do our cells carry the information of our becoming?

Ah, the cells carry all the information. But whatever the information of all dimensions, of all physiologies, of all forms, there is one essential point, and that is that your cells obviously contain the information of Time Zero. It was the same thing in plant, animal and human cells. And it is this principle of Zero Time, this information of Zero Time which is Agape, which is of course inscribed in all parts of Life. We told you that you were Space, you were not a form. But you are the Intelligence of the Light and you are Agape.

Of course, from one end to the other of what has been called creation and evolution from the most primitive cell to the most evolved cells that do not belong to the carbonaceous world but to the silicon world. All living cells, all that is life is the bearer of the information of Time Zero, of the Good News and therefore, of Agape. This is a certainty and I repeat what I have just said, today it is very easy to enter into it, not to be abused, raped, shocked by the circumstances of this world as well as by the circumstances of your life.

This salutary shock, which has been called the Shock of Humanity, is also the infallible way to wake up even if for many of you you still need to wait for the Celestial Sign of this month of May. This is what I had to say about this question. All life is the bearer of Love, every cell is the bearer of Love without any restriction and without any possibility of withdrawing it even by the radar waves, the millimeter waves, the harmful waves that have been used by the bad boys to try to keep you in the cage.

But, there is no cage that holds when the Truth of Time Zero emerges from you because there you remember who you are and the nightmare can no longer have the slightest hold on you. I know that hed chiefhe and many of you have shared much during these months of April, and especially May, the information about the masquerade of this world, about the "who holds the strings? That is to say, the total enslavement much more than the confinement within a dissociated world, that is to say, the enslavement as it had been explained more than 10 years ago, in the named circuits and that you name today, transhumanists, that is to say, to make the consciousness penetrate into the binary electronic circuits. That is the binary beast.

The binary beast, the first beast, is of course everything you call the internet, everything you call your social networks that today make reality. We talked many years ago about conscious co-creation. Today, it is a question of re-creating in this conscious co-creation the memory of Agape, of Time Zero or of Love with a capital L if you prefer. And this is exactly what is emerging, that is, you are coming out of the dream and often it has been said by Bidi, by others, that all this creation, all this consciousness, in all these dimensions, even supramental, was a swindle and something that was just passing. You, you never pass.

We have repeated it to you in every possible and imaginable way. It is up to you to live it and to verify it once again with ease - from the moment you do not resist, from the moment you embrace the unspeakable of all that has been revealed, you realize that you are not concerned, that you are outside this theatre scene and that it is you, all of us together, who have created this dream and this theatre scene. And as I remind the new ones, it concerns all dimensions, all worlds and all consciences without any exception. The Alpha has joined the Omega and the Omega has joined the Alpha.

Be assured that these words are not words to make it pretty, but to incite you, to invite you, in the face of adversity as you could name it, in the face of the horrors of this world and of this creation, to enter into yourself to see really and in a totally truthful way that this has no substance and that all emotions, All the thoughts, all the disgust and nausea that you may have about the architecture of society and this world, in fact, are only there to really and concretely awaken you to the Truth that you are, which I tell you again, is prior to all forms and all consciousness.

It's extremely simple. You have to have the information already. So, of course, you've seen everything that's come to light, and I'll take this opportunity to also make my presentation on this issue in part. You've seen everything that's been revealed, all the architecture, the dark resonant links, as I call them, that would want to prevent you from remembering. To do that, you have to get your finger out of the gears. As Brother K used to say: It is not really a sign of good health to feel good in this society, in this world and in any world.

Once you have discovered the truth, you are free from all subjection to consciousness and form, even independently of this world. That is what you have to think about, if I may say so - put the equation inside your head and accept that the answer is already known. It is already known, you had simply forgotten it, as we have been telling you insistently for more than a year. The last keys, you have had them, are the Last Name and the First Name. You have had many things that have come to light and have been lived by an ever-increasing number of brothers and sisters on this planet, haven't you.

And you also find that you have brothers and sisters, perhaps even in your family, who will never see the Truth until the time of the Call, if I may say so, of the Heavenly Sign. Because they are not equipped to cross, if I may say, to accept, to embrace. To embrace life can have no limits even within the masquerade, even within the horror that is revealed to you. I remind you that in all the teachings that were called spiritual, it was always emphasized on the mind and on the emotions, that is to say, if you suffer an emotion in relation to what you are living or what is happening on the masquerade stage, it is because you are not free. You just haven't crossed over.

You stop the emotions and you identify with them. It's exactly the same with your thoughts. It's exactly the same for what you see. It is exactly the same for what you feel, perceive, feel or react to. As long as you are in there, you are not available to embrace the Present Instant and the Truth of Agape in the instant. Everything else is just a chimera. So evidently, the bad boys are trying to drag you into this final battle. But this battle is a dream.

The subtlety is to see that there is a battle and that even if you are involved in this battle in a personal capacity, as, how do you say, the one who is going to alert the others or the one who has something to solve at home or in his life, all of this is just pretexts. Accept it and you discover the Truth and you are the Truth. We insist and will insist more and more on this. Everything else, everything else that happens, even what is going on on the puppet level, is a total masquerade. And besides, it is not for nothing that they try to mask you, that is to say, to put another mask on the ego.

What's ego? It's the mask, it's the identity, it's the profession, it's the social role, it's everything that we adhere to in this life and that makes us unhappy; whether it's money, whether it's a child, whether it's a parent, whether it's husband or wife, even the twin flame. All attachment is suffering. Today you have the total demonstration of this, which has been repeated for thousands of years in all spiritual currents, illusory of course, but which have conveyed a certain form of truth. The Naked and Absolute Truth cannot be encumbered with emotions, with mind, with evolution, with form, that is to say, whatever horror you are going to witness, it is precisely that horror that makes you understand, by living it, that it is not true.

And it will all end as we have always said, whether it is Bidi, whether it is me, whether it is Abba and whether it is other speakers, it will all really end in a great burst of laughter, because the script is perfect. Perfect in its synchronicity and perfect in the horror, in the division, in the separation, in the suffering, which are nothing but simulacrum.

So, all of this, if you will, is happening. Everyone lives it in his own way but the result is always the same, it is the discovery of the Truth and the living of the Truth and understanding. I repeat to you this thing which is essential: as long as you question yourself in an important way with emotional or mental reaction, you are not 100% available to live the Truth of Time Zero of the Present Instant and become Space and no longer be subject to any form, to any scenario that you have written. We have all written this same final script for all dimensions right here on this Earth. And that is what you have been living already for some time.

This year 2020 is really the year of what you might call the final judgment or the final judgment. But you laugh about it when you find out the Truth. There is nothing to judge. There is no one to condemn. There is only to recognize the Truth, that is to say that it is a dream and nothing else, because it is not immutable. Then, the point of view of the observer at the Heart of Heart, at Shantinilaya, at the Abode of Supreme Peace is very exactly what allows you to remain in this immutability which is not an indifference as Bidi used to say or even a Divine Indifference, it is the Truth.

The whole strategy of the ego, of society, of spirituality, is to maintain yourself permanently in the dream by the reaction, by the search for good and evil, by knowing what is true or what is not true. How do you want to find the slightest bit of truth in something that is just passing by? And the jokers are passing by, no matter what it looks like and no matter what your point of view is. So of course they're talking about a vaccine to kill the nasty virus, but you know full well it's a total manipulation. You have enough scouts with real, concrete facts that are not there to get you into war or rebellion or acceptance of the unacceptable. But to accept yourselves, to accept yourselves beyond any role.

From there, your vibratory rise, what we called at the time, the Supramental with the Crowns, with the Song of the Soul in the left ear the Nada, with the Siddhis, the powers of the soul, with the Crowns that are active with the receptions of energy, of vibration of Love and of Time Zero, are only there to show you that this nightmare has no weight despite its apparent harshness. And, be certain that everything that has been written cannot be changed and must take place there, now. When I took you the example of watching a movie and you could press the STOP, QUICK FORWARD or QUICK RETURN button, it is your consciousness that does this according to how you judge, how you observe and how you behave at what is happening in your life, where you are now but also at the level of the planet and at the level of the universes.

When the Celestial Sign comes forth, of course, you will no longer be able at that time to do as the vast majority of humanity is still sleeping and hoping for a vaccine or wearing masks. This astral particle, which is called a virus, is nothing more than the consequence of adhering to the dream. This adherence to the dream that you call it greed, need for money, need for a husband or wife, need for children, need for a social role, are only chimeras. Of course, you have to assume it, you have created it, but you have to realize that it has no reality. It is precisely by playing the only real accessible where you are that you discover that it is a script, a scenario that has no real substance and is simply the agent of your Awakening.

So, yes the viruses, the masks, what you call, what we call the new world order, are only there to shrink, I would say, the walls of the prison, to make you really suffer until you understand that there are no more prisoners than walls, quite simply. It's an exceptional opportunity, but it's been written. That's why the bad boys, as for those who live Agape, who are Agapeans, well, for those, they know very well that they just have to witness this Awakening, the Awakening of this nightmare.

So don't fight against the virus, even if indeed head chief and others have told you about innumerable remedies that actually exist in nature with very simple things, it is only (...) is somehow responsible for this anomaly. I'm asking you for thirty seconds because I think there was a ringing ... no it's okay. We can go back without any problem. There's someone, a puppet who must have had fun making a phone call on this phone during the canalization, that's funny, isn't it, we're trying to distract or disturb but that's also the Intelligence of the Light, you see. There is not, even a call like that, impromptu, is something that is planned and predictable.

Steiner talked a lot about it when he was alive, I had the opportunity to talk about it only a few months ago, so I won't go into it again. I remind you that a lot of information has been brought to you, whether through the puppet media, through your social networks, you had to literally digest, digest, acquiesce to all these horrors, to finally discover you free and true, beyond your form, your script, and your individual script that you wrote.

And remember that even if you find the script you wrote, absolutely horrible, but it's exactly what you wanted to wake up to. Because maybe there was too much interest in the form, in the material, in the money, in the society, in your family, in your children, in your parents, in your friends, in your brothers, in your sisters. There is no one, I repeat, there is only you who dreams. And that is not a philosophical point of view, it is the strict truth, which is within your reach, which is there for everyone, because you are playing, in what is imposed on you, in the way you react, in the way you manage, as it were, with all these elements, which are in fact increasingly contrary to the freedom, even when it has been amputated, that you had to live in this world. And that's how you wake up, so don't be reluctant, don't rebel against anything, instead, see what motivates your reactions; murdering a child is horrible, Satanism is horrible, but all that is done to shake you up, literally, so that you cannot rely on any narrative or visible element of this world or any world.

When you get tired of looking outside, I don't know, for a saviour, a support, a help, in relation to a lack, whatever it is, whatever its nature, then at that moment, when you stop getting agitated, the great silence comes. And you will already notice as the days of this month of May advance, that absolutely all the manipulations of this world have been revealed. There remains one to be revealed but which will be reserved for the moment of the celestial sign, whatever its nature, during this month of May, it is to see who is holding the strings behind the puppets, that is to say to see who has finally done the work of public salvation by locking up the consciousness at the stage where you are in the locked worlds, which allows the awakening as a kind of final awakening, all this is not true.

All this has no substance - even the most justified emotions, even the cries of horror of these horrors that you are shown and told about what is happening in this world, must be actually seen, but passed through and digested; right behind, as always, you are free. And as soon as you are free, of course, of your own emotions, of your own affects, of your own suffering, then at that moment, and it is very easy, you naturally turn to the heart of the heart, you live Agape, you live the black hole, you live the white paradise, and I know that countless of you see this white paradise, around you, in your bed, at night looking outside, and sometimes during the day, it is the truth.

There is another reality that is superimposed on the old reality. But this new reality has no future, even if you have visions of it, it is the pure and naked joy of the present moment in Agape. Everything else can no longer interact, can no longer divert you, whether you are suffering, whether you are in your garden, whether you are locked up, terrorized with a mask, all that you are no longer fooled by it. Of course you know it, and here it is not a question of egregore, it is more a question of mass consciousness. Obviously the number that was necessary for the changeover, since we are talking about the changeover, has been reached for many years already. But there was, and I have already spoken about it, not at the level of the awakened this time but at the level of the whole Earth, there is a kind of critical mass of consciousness that must see the truth. It does not mean accepting it or being able to cross it and live the absolute, but to open your eyes. Because when, and the number is already reached in this month of May, when enough human beings have opened their eyes, the lie, the sham, can no longer stand. It is not a question of going to oppose as they would like the puppets, to fight against them, but to have seen the truth behind all appearances.

Yes, the shift of consciousness, the shift of the poles, geomagnetic and physical, of course is underway. And of course has already begun for many months many weeks, and is growing stronger every day. You see it, it had been explained at such length by the activity of the elements, you see the fire, water, air and earth moving everywhere, it is also the emotions, the four primary emotions of the human being that express themselves to the fullest, whether it is fear, whether it is joy, whether it is anger, whatever, or sadness, whatever. These four emotions when they are played out in you in an intense way necessarily lead to the truth whether you want it or not, whether you suspect it or not.

So the changeover is in progress, it is actuated, everything is happening and is rushing in this physical plane. As we have been telling you for several months now, you can see how many ships of all dimensions are above your cities. You can see that you are hearing more and more about civilizations or at least about extraterrestrials, because it is inevitable. So beyond everything that is played out on the stage, whether it is extraterrestrial or nightmare of bad boys, satanists, it does not matter, because all these are elements of the awakening. So the tipping point is already well under way, if I may say so, it's at the tipping point if you will, and there's a point in time, given the critical mass of brothers and sisters but also organic portals that have opened the eyes, that allows this tipping point to be crossed, almost permanently. But for this, we must wait for the totality of the conjunction of the signs as they were written by the prophets, but also in the apocalypse of Saint John, but also in all the so-called sacred books, and of course all this is taking place at this very moment.

No one, provided that he has looked at the apocalypse at least once, or at least a few times at the prophecies, can but realize that we are, and you are, all together in the same bath; in this same bath of revelations, in this same bath of horrors that leads to Agape. There, it is inexorable, inescapable, and it is in progress. So once again for those who would not experience it, it is that you have not accepted, and attention on the meaning of acceptance, accepting means being present, it does not mean reacting, you can react because it is horrible when you are taught things of the content that you are now exposed to, whether it is in your personal life but I am talking rather and especially about the collective aspect, isn't it? When you see that, it's horrible, but it's precisely the horror that leads you to Agape.

So of course it's a mystery, as long as you try to understand it, you can't live it completely. First of all there is what we have called for years the sacrifice that allows the resurrection. But the resurrection, it is in the moment, it is not in a future world, it is not in the event that is happening in great steps in the sky, but it is something that is there in a global way, in all sectors and all parts of your life, in relation to yourself, to the functioning of your body, to the functioning of your thoughts, to the functioning of your birth sign, see and let's all see how we've been conditioned by the stars, how we've been directed, how it's been written to bring us to this point of total resilience.

So yes, you will rock more and more at all levels, in your last attachments, in your last fears, in your last identifications, to a character, to a story, to a dream, to what you want, all that does not exist. And the more horrible it is or the more joyful it is, the result will be the same, you will discover the freedom that you are. And you see, even the birds agree with what I say. Don't they?

Then, dear friend, we can proceed with the questions.

-Brother: Well it has been largely answered I think to the last question that one can, if you wish, ask for fun.

Then another question

-Brother: I repeat. I think the last question has been largely answered.

Yes yes

We can ask this question, however, if you want to ask it for fun.

Let's go

-Brother: So here's a question from a brother, "why did you choose such a tortuous ending when it would have been so simple to end it softly and with a laugh, all in catalepsy and no choice?"

Sweetness never wakes you from a dream. We all know dreams, we want them to last all the time, and consciousness can never stop by itself. She says she is confronted with terrible things, things that take you out of your usual frame of reference, that must take you out of your impulses, your desires, your projections, your memories, your traumas as well as your joys. And for some it is very easy and for others it is very hard. But you are right, we have explained it enough in every possible way that I don't see what to add to it.

As long as you believe that what happens to you individually to your body, to your life or in this world is real, you cannot be free. And yet that is the only reality you have to accept. Accept that it is a dream and the nightmare ends. Accept that the nightmare is just passing and you are free. It's really a mechanism, it's pure mechanics. Say yes as Abba said and you're free. That yes is not a yes to horror, it is a yes to the inconsistency of horror, because it is only passing. It is that point of view that brings you face to face with the truth, and not your stories, not your past, not the resolution of any element of your character, not any interpretation of a dream, or projection into some future, of a new Earth, new dimensions, or new life, the nightmare stops. And all life within the form, even in the most pleasant, the most vibrant, the highest dimensions, is ultimately just something that passes. As Bidi said, the universe will disappear, that you will always be there. And that is exactly what is happening.

Do you have any more questions?

-Brother: Uh, no.

So if we have finished the questions, I am going to go over your panorama: you are on Earth when you are incarnated, on the eve of the establishment of what you call a dictatorship, that is to say a total subjection to the ideas, thoughts, wills of those who think they rule the world by money, by particular networks, by occult movements, by money above all, by the constraint of the other and by the suffering of the other. Of course this is real in the nightmare, but this nightmare is what wakes you up definitively from all sleep, from all dreams. Accept it and you live it, it is instantaneous. And many of you are aware of this. This does not mean that you should stay and say nothing, I said that you will find that silence is much more profitable than stating these sordid truths. But nevertheless among you some of you continue to post this news in relation to - I am talking about vaccines, satanism, in relation to the airwaves, in relation to everything that is now being revealed. Because it is important that you be shocked, and you will be shocked, I would say more and more as the days that are coming in this month of May.

Of course the material conditions of your lives, after a pseudo-lull, will of course deteriorate, until you wake up, until the moment when the sign from heaven, whatever it is, will come to pick you up, to astound you, so that you will never again be fooled by the dream. But it is not yet the morning and the end of the dream, it is simply: you all know and you will know that you are dreaming and you will have very little time left, I would say, to disidentify yourself, to disengage from what you still believe to be vital or essential in this world.

This world is a total fraud. Creation is a swindle, as Bidi said, total. We Ancients made us, the Ancients, with I would say the means at hand and what was accessible during our incarnation. As you know, we talked about it at length, there was only Bidi, by the way, who will come to express himself after me, who was the only one to make so much noise in relation to the Absolute, the Parabrahman, and the Shantinilaya, and to say that everything was a swindle, that the evolution, the spiritual garments, the spiritual movements were all flawed from the start, were all false. But we didn't have the means, when I was still incarnated at the end, in the middle of the 80s, to realize that, even if among the Ancients and especially the Stars, some of them had a kind of prescience, a premonition, that all that was nothing real.

So, this is the first part of this beautiful month of May, it was the revelations in all directions. The second part of this beautiful month of May will consist of the last part of the revelations, that is to say what was not accessible to you according to your media, your social networks, but on the level of the invisible, what was this force that we called the Archons, Yaldabaoth, who maintained the confinement. I won't go back over the historical notions of the connections, if I may say so, between the Genetic Mothers and the Dracos, falsifiers, I remind you that the Dracos are very luminous, but all that, all that, in the end, served only one purpose, the final scene, the nightmare of the dream, in order to get out of the dream, and never sleep or dream again.

We have always told you that we are inside you, it is the strict truth, you are all characters, all forms, all dimensions, all consciousness without exception. The consciousness does not belong to you alone, those who still dream of this have not understood anything, they have not restored themselves, they are still in the dream of a new race, a new Earth, a new Golden Age, but Christ had told you: my kingdom is not of this world. And the puppets would like Christ to come back to tell them that their kingdom is in this world. And as the biological body is too fragile, we are going to return consciousness to the immortality of electronic circuits, but all that cannot exist; an electronic circuit wears itself out of course, you, you cannot wear yourself out, you are never born, you have never died. It is not a play on words, it is the strict truth that it is up to you to live, at that moment you will see that gradually the revelations of the horror of this world will no longer concern you at all.

And you are indeed, through this confinement that you are living, in the best possible conditions, not to have time and do what you like, or on the contrary to have the impression of wasting your time, because time is money, or because you have the impression of not being able to go on the beach, or in the air, but all that is still the dream, All that is still an illusion, even the new worlds, even the new Earth which some still gargle that it is there, but I believe that those ones do not see clearly, because if you want to see the nightmare as it is in its architecture and especially as I was saying in its invisible aspect that is to say who holds the strings, who are the Archons.

You are going to see it, you are going to experience it, there, very very very soon during this beautiful month of May, and you will not be able to, and there obviously I am not talking about the celestial sign but also about what is going to happen in your consciousness, which is already happening, where nothing can make sense anymore, and yet you are not depressed, and yet you are not sad either and you are not in exuberant joy either, but you see that the dream is unfolding and you can't change anything about it, and any coping strategies you can pursue will only reinforce the nightmare, that is written and it is part of the Intelligence of Light, see no shadow or duality in it.

The illumination of the Light, its Intelligence, of this Light, must be total. There must not remain the slightest corner of shadow, the slightest corner that is not illuminated. And it is the lighting that is the understanding, it is not to dissect the chain of Archons, the chain of commandments or who are those who direct in the invisible, even earthly, all this cinema, all this mish-mash as you will say, that you observe from everywhere. You are discovering Life, and you discover that you are not your life or this life in this world or in any world and there you are free. Before you are not free, you are still conditioned, by the hope of a future, by the hope of an improvement, by the hope of the end and the prophetic apocalyptic events that you are living, but all that is only pretexts.

Once again if you do not live it for the moment, you will live it when it will be war, when it will be famine, when it will be invisible horrors, demons that will howl in the night as it is written in the apocalypse of Saint John and in many prophets in all religious or spiritual cultures. That's how you wake up, and as I said, even if for the moment it seems tragicomic if I may say so, all this will end with a great burst of laughter. Some of you have already laughed, because you have seen the masquerade, you have seen the Light, but most of all you have seen and lived that you are prior to the Light and therefore prior to any form. You see, there is no need to evolve, of course for ten years we had been talking about a vibratory rise and this vibratory rise, even if we no longer talk about it, is effectively what will immunize you from the lethal radiation that will be connected to the Earth, from war, from the virus, from animosity, from conflicts, from lack.

As soon as you are awake, you are free, even if you seem to lack freedom in this world. True freedom is not to move in this world or to earn money, or to enjoy yourself, or to make love, it is to be Love. And being Love has no component to see, to do, to compare, with this world as with any other world. From there you play your role, which you have written but you are no longer affected by it, you are as Bidi said, there, in that divine indifference where everything is you, really and concretely, and as everything is you, you cannot judge yourself, you cannot condemn yourself, because everything that is visible on the outside is also on the inside, that is to say that the sacrifices of children, Satanism are also in each of us - in our most basic constitution, at the level of DNA of course.

Earlier we were talking about DNA, about the cell, saying that there was both time zero, Agape's information, and the information of the nightmare, in equal parts, you see.

There's no one to judge or convict.

You have to see clearly and go through all this, even the most horrible things, because that's how you love, that's how you forgive - and that's how it is.

As Christ said, "If you are given a slap, turn the other cheek", because the second slap will wake you up for good because you thought you had been given one slap and then two slaps. He has no other alternative. I take this image and this representation because it's not necessarily a metaphor or anything, but it's very real.

When you're tired of getting slapped, when you're tired of seeing the walls of the prison shrink, the windows with the bars disappear, when there's nothing left, when everything is destroyed from the dream, you're the only one left.

The destruction is only apparent. It exposes the truth, whether it is the destruction of your body, the destruction of society, the destruction of this world. How can that which is never born be destroyed? Think about it. If you believe you were born, then you believe you will die, it's as simple as that. If you accept that you were never born, then you will never die. It's logical, it's unstoppable and it's the only truth.

So during the days, the few little weeks that remain until the end of May, I invite you, moreover you do it spontaneously, after this exuberant period of revelations, it is advisable to enter more and more into this inner joy that does not depend on any world, neither on you nor your character, neither on your memories, nor on your future. This is how you live the present instant and time zero. It is in the hustle and bustle, in the chaos of the world that the puppets promised you, that you find yourself. There's nothing to judge, there's just one more time to accept and cross over.

I have to say that the exuberant part of the revelation of these last few weeks is going to be easier now, that is to say that you won't react to it anymore, you won't even want to talk about it anymore, because, I would say, the cup is full. And when the cup is full, you have to empty it, you have to drink it. It is the bitter cup, it is the cup that actually precedes the resurrection, this time at the collective level and no longer at the individual level.

Be serene, be tranquil, whether you are locked up in your apartment, whether you are immersed in nature, makes no difference from now on. Certainly there were circumstances that you had written, different for each one, but today all these scenarios come together in time zero.

Time zero in this year 2020 of course and from time zero, well there is nothing more because, who would still want to play with the consciousness by living in the Abode of Supreme Peace? No one.

Those who are still projecting into a new land or a new dimension have not lived Shantinilaya. They have lived the vibrations, they have lived the Fire of the Heart, but they have not lived the Peace of Consciousness.

They refuse the "a-consciousness" as every consciousness refuses it as long as it has not found itself in the supra-consciousness and in the "a"-consciousness itself.

So again, do not judge anything.

Everything that happens for everyone, and even in your family for the one who would suffer martyrdom or who would be in a fatal illness for the ephemeral, it does not matter. You are exactly in the very good place to live it, you are exactly where you wrote it.

It also answers the question, one of the last questions, "Why didn't we write a nicer script? »

But the dream is nice, and when you dream something nice, you take it for real. On the other hand, when it becomes a nightmare and there are reactions, well in spite of yourself it participates in your awakening.

But don't feed the reactions.

I am telling you all this in relation to what will happen from the second half of May in which you are and we have returned, because we are evidently closest to you, you see it everywhere, you have information everywhere about our presence in the ships, whether it is the mother ships of the Marian dimension, whether it is our ship of the Melchizedecs or of the entire Intergalactic Confederation of Free Worlds, who come for the resolution of the dream and in the same way the archons are also there for the resolution of the dream.

And no one role is superior to another because they were all written by and for the same purpose, which is the awakening to zero time and truth, which does not depend on any world, any form, any concept, any consciousness and any life spent within the dream.

It is time to rejoice, yes.

And this rejoicing that is promised to you will become more and more evident as you move into (and I think it is easy in this time, even for those who have children) moments of interiority. I am not talking about meditation, I am not talking about prayer, I am not talking about a vibratory rise as we did a few years ago for many years, but simply about this silence, this total acceptance of what is, because you can't change it no matter what you do.

But on the other hand, you can find your way through it. And that's why it's like that and not otherwise.

So yes, every day that's going to happen, I would say for this month of May, but then the time that this year 2020 will last, whether it goes until December 31 or the final zero time arrives before that, it doesn't matter because you see clearly. And the clearer you see and the more you are in this beatitude, this beatitude that does not depend on any vision, on any projection, on any consciousness, on any character, on any world. It is extremely easy.

You see, if you were to retain something of everything I am saying today, remember, it is extremely simple. The more complicated it seems to you, the simpler it is. It's the mind whispering that to you. It is the circumstances of your life, of your body, of this world, that are trying to attract you, with less and less efficiency moreover, towards the dark, towards limitation, towards suffering, towards pain, towards horror.

But all that is only done to awaken, to wake you up and participate as you know, with the example I took of the film that we accelerated the scrolling, or we reversed, we moved the film backwards if we weren't in sync. Today you all want to press stop, that is to say the end of the film. So the end of the film you have accelerated it, you continue to accelerate it without moving, without asking for anything, without expecting anything, without hoping for anything, that is to say by being perfectly present to what you are living in the instant you are living it, no more and no less. Whether it is by going shopping, whether it is, even if it is not the season, by pruning your roses, by listening to the song of a bird, by listening to a brother or a sister ... be true.

You are nothing of all that is said, you are nothing of all that passes through you, you are no shape that you see, you are no world that you see. You are free. Real and concrete. You just have to accept it and it is still curious that it is in this world - where, of course, what I have called the enslavement of the bad boys and the most evident, the most visible, the most constraining - that you have and that you must, because you have no other possibilities, turn to yourselves and live the truth.

So do not judge appearances, do not judge anyone because the one who sacrifices a child is also you in another life, in another time, in another space-time, in another arrangement of the Intelligence of Light. You see, it is really like that. Then of course, once the first fears have passed, the first acts of being offended, of being shaken, you understand that nothing can shake you anymore because you have always been there, regardless of what your character is playing, regardless of what this world is playing.

It's a game, certainly morbid, but it's a game.

It has no substance, I repeat, it has no extension. It's the moment when the final scene, as head chief would say, takes shape every minute every hour every day a little more, and sends you back, of course, as I said, to the prophecies, but above all, sends you back to yourself beyond all responsibility, beyond all guilt. It is these events, these real facts that are taking place at this moment, that have taken place on this earth in the shelter of the light, that are illuminated. And it is a great joy. This means that even if you suffer in an extreme way, from the revelations, from your emptiness, from your body, from your relationships, this extreme suffering can only end, be solved, by Agape.

And that is how it is for everyone and you may have noticed it around you and you will see it more and more. So of course, the arrangement of this half time of the two times one time half a time and the emergence of what is called in the Apocalypse of St. John the second beast, is exactly what you are playing at the moment.

The battle that is described of all against all in the Revelation of Saint John has begun. At the moment it is not yet at its peak, but this is what is taking place during this month of May. But it is also the acme of your rediscovery, it is the acme of the possibility of finding yourself, of being what you truly are beyond form and consciousness. You see, it is in its darkest, gloomiest aspects of the predation of consciousness that you discover that you are not consciousness, and that you are anterior to it, and you live it. That is what you are going to be promised.

So be always in that acceptance, that embrace.

And now, I think many things have been illuminated about this world. There is only one left, actually, I would say the thinking head, which is called "the beast", both the first and the second, of the Apocalypse. It is the intimate Machiavellian and totally anti-life and anti-sleep of this nightmare. But the nightmare puts an end to the dream, the dream never puts an end to the dream. Of course they wake up in the morning, but it's not about waking up in the morning.

It's about waking up from all these stories of alternating day and night, man and woman, the primordial androgynous.

It is the return to the unity lived internally, whatever the character says, what he gestures, what he suffers or what he has as money or as husband or wife, whatever.

You see, this is how you will really verify it every minute of your life and therefore, it is an invitation to recollection, to return to oneself, which is neither prayer, nor meditation, nor petition, but is the gift of oneself, that is, the acceptance of giving oneself completely and of giving oneself to the Truth, to be freed from illusion.

That is all that will be played in the coming days and weeks. So of course, I'll be back, I don't know when yet, but after this May in June, depending on the scenario that was played of course and Bidi will come after me today to tell you that I think he thinks the same thing, but in a different way, right? But rest assured that the more horrible it becomes, and it is, the more horrible it becomes on the outside, whether it be the basic activity, whether it be the activity of society and those who think they still control society, it will be catastrophic. But this catastrophe will bring him back to the lightness of Agape.

When you are tired of suffering, then you' ll come back to the truth.

When you are tired of projecting better moments later, you will return to the truth.

When you are tired of missing something, you will return to the truth.

When you are tired of fighting against your mind, your ego, your stories, your characters and what is revealed, you will turn to the truth. It will be there for itself. That's what this change is all about.

It's much more than a turn out or up and down and right and left, it's much more than that. It's seeing that there was never any inside or outside, that there was never any horror or joy, that there was never any fear, that there was never any sadness, but that everything was temporary, real and concrete.

So I invite you in these last fifteen days of May to enter as much as possible into this inner silence, which is not the silence of words, which is not the silence of knowing what is happening, but it is a silence of acceptance, a silence that leads you to the beatitude of the instant, you see. And the more chaotic it will be, and I assure you that it will be, the happier you will be, the more the final masquerade and the masquerade of those who pull the strings will be revealed to you, the more you will laugh about it, because it is something very laughable in every sense of the word.

So I say to you that, as for me, I will come to see you after this month of May, once again according to the heavenly signs and the human signs, to show you with my next coming that, indeed, what I am telling you today is really, concretely in this plan, happening.

So do not make me say that I have given you a date, because every day from now on is THE date, for each one of you in every minute, you have all the possibilities to enter as long as you no longer feed anything outside.

Of course you must feed this body, if you can, of course you must also feed what you have as a function in your family, in your life, in society.

But you know that your kingdom is not of any world, nor of this world, because you are true, and that from that moment, all the explanations that can be given, either about the functioning of the universe, of the dimensions, or the functioning of the hidden within this world, make no difference.

You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. You are beyond this world as you are beyond anyone else's. And you are, above all, previous to any world and you are, at the same time, all the worlds and all the consciousnesses.

It is not a concept, it is an understanding and an living experience that is going to become more and more, I would say, in relation to your life no matter how important it is or how trivial it is, if you are without a job, without a profession, without an activity, it does not matter. This is exactly what you are participating in, both in the dream and in the conscious co-creation that allows you not to be fooled any longer by creation itself.

It is Shantinilaya, it is this oneness and it is this Christ state that has been so described by some of the stars that you are, and we see it, more and more of you are touching, living and settling.

Remember that the more you accept to see, the more you accept this horror, which does not mean to consent, which does not mean simply not to react, but it is really to digest all this disguise, a little bit like you did with the baths of Perpetual Love, with the Agape Interdimensional Spatial Resonance, or the Heart to Heart Agape, as Abba explained, at a given time there is no transmitter, there is no receiver.

They are the space between the transmitter and the receiver, and they encompass the transmitter and the receiver as there is no one.

Everything in your life is an excuse, everything is an excuse on the screen of the world, either through your official media, which all have red noses, or if it is the real information on their social networks. At some point, and it's at that point, you will no longer be able to distinguish, I would say, what is true from what is false, because what is false and what is true is not real.

At that moment he will understand that it is useless. The work which he had done, which was useful, is no longer useful today. All those who needed to know about the farce are. Those who do not want to see it, from now on will wait for the celestial sign of this month of May, specifically 2020, this celestial sign that is already visible before your eyes but that will of course increase.

Of course, all this will be accompanied by everything I have told you about the activity of the elements, but also about the particular symptoms within your bodies, your heart, it burns.

Others are no longer burning, they have already consumed everything. Those are in total peace, whatever happens to them, whatever happens to the world, whatever happens to the heavenly signs. It is up to you not to judge yourself, but to appreciate and measure yourself without judging yourself, by the intensity of your stillness, by the intensity of your tranquility. You measure the truth that you live.

The truth is one and absolute. Of course it appears at once, but there is a gradation between what still adheres in this world, what is seen, and the truth that is not of any world. And in each of you, this is playing out right now in an intense way, I would say, and especially in the last two weeks that you have yet to go through this month of May.

This is what I had to say. I will not be with you for long, and I think after me, after a little break, you will have Bidi coming to blow in your ears and in your hearts.

As for me, I transmit to you all my blessings, all my accompaniment and all my peace to spend these fifteen days of May that you have left.

I also transmit to you the blessing of all the Intergalactic Confederation of Free Worlds as the great Commander of the Melchizedeks.

Remain in peace, be assured that all this is a dream, and you will be assured simply during these fifteen days of May in fact, very intense internally and externally.

I tell you that soon, in the month of June


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