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Well, dear friends, I am extremely happy to speak at the end of your Agape encounter which, from what I see, has been beneficial somewhere in your hearts, isn't it?

First of all, I present to you all my blessings, all my love and I will of course try to answer your questions as usual.

So I'll give you the word.

Sister: Thank you OMA.

Written question: Some pyramids have been mentioned in Mexico that are linked to archontic confinement, what about the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt?

So here, dear friend, it is important to know that the pyramidal structure corresponds to important historical elements. Pyramids are omnipresent on this earth but also, of course, elsewhere. The pyramidal shape you know allows the crystallization of life. It is the angle of the pyramid, you say of Cheops especially; the pyramids wherever they are located on this planet generally have the same geometric configuration. The pyramids do indeed allow at certain privileged times of the year to receive certain rays of light and solar rays.

Well, I won't go back over the historical circumstances that don't interest us, but we have to understand somewhere that the geometric shapes that are stone constructions have been there since very, very many civilizations. And not only in relation to Egypt but also in Atlantis and of course in previous dreams. There is a form, yes, of opposition between the hexagonal structures of the circles of fire whose purpose, of course, which you were told was to channel the return of the Light to the crystalline nucleus of the earth at the moment when the dream was about to end.

These circles of fire, with the hexagonal stone structures, have played their role; of course we spoke at length to you many years ago about these circles of fire and their function. The purposes of the circles of fire, I remind you, were therefore to allow the Light to be directed from the cosmos to these precise places where they were built and moreover these places should be, I remind you, the places from which the heavenly Jerusalem should arrive but also be under domes of Light where the brothers and sisters should be gathered and after the three days and before the final planet grill.

Of course, as you know, the situation has been turned upside down, if you will, by the final revelation and the work carried out by some of you the previous year on the mirrors and structures that maintained the confinement independently of course of the archon ship that had been ejected from this solar system the very day the metatronic keys were delivered, on August 15, 2009.

The pyramidal form, as I said, captures at certain privileged moments, generally the solstices of summer and winter, a form of Light that is authentic but the Light remained inside the pyramids but could not and still cannot reach the crystalline nucleus of the earth. Crystallization, the geometric shape of the pyramid that you can reconstruct even if only with copper or wooden tubes, or paper, still has the same properties that is the crystallization of life, that is, the confinement whether you like it or not.

The set of pyramidal structures of the earth independently of their inner virtues for example at the level of what was called in Egypt Djed pillars with electromagnetic healing properties, but at the level of the planetary aspect, it was related to the history of different dreams, the different cycles and also to confinement.

You know very well that if you put something alive, a flower, a piece of raw meat inside this pyramid, it will fossilize. It is not really a transubstantiation but it is, as I explained, a stop to the movement of life and a crystallization. You know, a lot of us have all had these experiences with the pyramids.

So, there was indeed a therapeutic interest inside but at the planetary level, at the level of the earth as a whole it participated in the confinement and certainly not in the liberation. Liberation, I tell you, is linked to the circles of fire that are now obsolete because of the evolution of the revelation that has been lived since last year.

So, the pyramids have a double vocation which is evidently dual, which is not the case on the circles of fire.

And that's what I had to say about the pyramids and I specify, wherever they are located on the surface of this planet, they have an interest because there are particular energies inside but on the planetary aspect, they are an integral part of what we had called the predation lines that connected these pyramids to each other from all over the earth and made, until recently, a mesh of enclosure that prevented them from breaking through if I can say the dream.

I know that this is not exactly what we have thought until now and what people who are doing research on the pyramids of Cheops, for example, are saying. I remind you that the pyramids, the three pyramids of Cheops, are directly linked to what is called the Orion harness, the Orion hunter and the belt worn by the hunter with a reproduction on Egyptian soil that, on an exact scale, represents the Orion harness.

Now we are not going to go into the stories but remember that the pyramids inside them have regenerative properties but in the planetary impact at the level of the ether it is exactly the opposite, it is part of the predation forces and like other structures that have been present on the surface of this earth since time immemorial.

Only the architectural structures linked to the circles of fire with these large stones, quite large in hexagonal shape that were sculpted three hundred and twenty thousand years ago. Only, while some pyramids are much older, of course, should have allowed the Light to make this thing essential at the moment of the return of the Light, it is to make you discover the Truth, that is, to see that whatever the healing, whatever the experiences of consciousness, the dream in its totality was an enclosure even within the free dimensions.

Of course, these were a mystery, not only on earth, but in the whole dream of creation. It was necessary at the initial moment of the dream by the genetician mothers that there existed from that first dream structures inscribed in time that would allow the moment to stop this ultimate veil that make you believe, whatever the dimensions, not only here in the enclosed worlds, in any evolution. Everything has always been perfect.

But once again, it was necessary, if we can say so, to evolve to a certain level of consciousness so that the ultimate veil of creation, and not only in this enclosed world, could be revealed but above all lived. You know today that you are the one who reabsorb the whole dream in all dimensions. You are not in a peripheral position but in a central position in relation to the dream of creation.

That's what I had to say about this pyramid.

You can continue of course, as soon as I stop talking, with other questions.

Sister: Thank you.

Question: It is said that Christmas is also archontic. If you wish Merry Christmas with Love, isn't that the most important thing?

That's the most important thing. I had explained the symbolism of this feast many years ago, I believe the year of the heavenly weddings especially. But it was enough to be informed. It is like energies, as Abba, head chief says: energies are Luciferian; they are dual in essence, positive, negative, therefore, they do not reflect the Truth at all, but that does not mean that we should no longer touch the energies, it simply means that what is most important is the quality of who you are and who uses these energies.

If you look at Autres Dimensions from the beginning before it even existed, I had demanded that what I was going to say be transcribed and retransmitted directly to what you call the Internet but we all know that the Internet is the binary beast.

That didn't prevent us from using, I would say, the existing to transcend things and, of course, the question gives the answer at the end, the love you have and the lucidity you have is much more important.

Of course, if you have children, family, you wish them Merry Christmas, but you are no longer fooled, that is to say, there too, you are going through the meaning I gave then, today it is totally possible of course.

To get out of the dream, if I can say so, you have to rely on the dream somewhere, not on the person because the person of itself cannot find itself but at the level of history, it had to be written as it was written to allow reunification with the Truth. So of course, you can wish Merry Christmas in the same way that you have every opportunity to use vital energy from the moment you are lucid and from the moment of Agape, I would say, is simply in the spotlight.

One more question.

Question: It's a question from a sister who's not here. Dear OMA, could you help me to make my connection with Agape more fluid? I was born under X, abandoned at birth by my mother, only a first name, that of my mother, followed by X, appears on my birth papers. Also, it is a difficult name to put in resonance with Agape. Can I mention the last and first names given by the parents who then adopted me? Thank you so much for your help.

So I had already answered that question by saying that we should take the name of adoption, but today, I remind you that it has been replaced by what? By the yes. The last key Abba gave you a few months ago, especially through the channelings, I am you, I would say, they are superfluous. As the last veil shrinks, everything becomes easier.

For example, what Abba explained to you in different places about the ternary osteopathic breathing movement of the head, you no longer need to put your hands on it, everything is simplified. Agape takes up all the space so for this sister: be reassured. She must be late in communications, though. You no longer need this, you no longer need to name yourself since you are passing through this spatial resonance Agape where there is no one left. You no longer need the last and first name. You no longer need anyone, neither you nor the other, but to celebrate Agape everywhere and you don't need to have a target; it can be the ether; that's what Abba taught you.

Of course, from that moment on, what is the point of saying that key, you see things go very fast. Years ago, after the heavenly weddings, you had been using the yoga of unity, the seals of the archangels, for years and you can see that for a little over a year now, things have been moving so fast at the level of the final revelation. Do not clutter up, do not stiffen yourself with fixed things because everything is mobile.

Today, there is no need to help you with your last and first name, you say Yes and that's it.

Sister: Yes.


There you go.

Question: OMA, where are you, where are you talking to us about?

Well, from your heart since I am in your heart. Why are you still trying to locate when consciousness is entering a process of relocation and dissolution? I am the ether just like you. I am The Source just like you. I am in you as you are in me through even the dimensions. That is why I spoke and Abba also took up this notion of a spatial agape of resonance but also inter-dimensional, multidimensional. When you resonate Agape, it is all the universes and creation that react and it is who you are.

So, this question by asking me where I am, of course, I am in my ship that I have already explained but above all, we have repeated it to you enough times, the Archangel Anael too, we are all inside you since there is only you. You of course you can't understand it but you can only live it. So I answer you: "I'm everywhere and I'm nowhere. Quite simply, you are me and I am you. "but of course, from ordinary consciousness, it is totally impossible.

I explained, a very long time ago, that, for example, when I communicate, whether through Abba, through previous mediums, know that when we are outside this confinement of the third dimension, Christ can communicate at the same time with thousands of people at the same time. Do not forget that when you are out of this body, you are all the bodies but unfortunately, if you think with your personal conscience, you will not understand that I am here in the middle of your chest, through Abba as in Abba and also in my ship and yet this is the strict truth.

We have if you prefer a multi-location of consciousness. You when you call someone you dial a number and you have a person online but we, when we call you, dial thousands of numbers and we have thousands of people online and, each time, with different words, presentation and speech.

But you can't imagine that or even imagine it. And how can Abba do it according to you when he makes Agape resonances where he has twenty appointments and at the same time? He told you, even if you all see him and many of you see him or me or Bidi. Do you think you are unique? We can find you wherever you are since now the veils are almost totally dissolved, the ultimate veil in any case but, the habit of form and believing you within a form makes it impossible for you to understand and live that you are multidimensional.

You are as well the archangel as the devil, we have told you, and you are God, you are the Source. But you can never understand it from your conscience. There is only when you really reach the ultimate consciousness at the junction of being and non-being but, beings like Bidi, for example, who intervenes a lot, many of you see it and if you look when you have seen it during your schedule appointments well you will realize that there are hundreds of you at the same time to have seen Bidi, to have heard it and what you have heard is different for each person.

It is not a problem, I would say, the multiplication of consciousness and, moreover, it is exactly that; we tell you that there is only one heart. There is only one consciousness, it is called unity, that's exactly what it is.

So I'm from everywhere and at the same time now also from nowhere. We Melchizedek have also purified the stories, you see. And Abba when he intervenes or other brothers and sisters for the Agape resonances, he can be at the same time, although he is in a body, in thousands of places at the same time; evidently, it is not the bilocation with the physical body, it is on the level of the bodies of eternity and consciousness. So, it is a form of bi localization but it is not linked to the body of flesh but to the body of eternity quite simply.

Question: When we talk about embracing, how far should Quebeckers embrace immigrants who do not share our philosophy of life, who advocate secularism, but who, subtly, impose their religious point of view?

But you know very well that Agape takes up all the space. It's time, what was it said about? Reconciliation, great forgiveness. Take any enemy or any person who does not have the same culture as you in your arms, it is yourself. And it is precisely through the confrontation that is taking shape on earth, I remind you of the war of all against all in relation to different cultures, in relation to different religions, different beliefs that the greatest possibility of reparation is precisely found.

So you have nothing to do without it you oppose but you have to hug. Agape is stronger than anything and stronger than culture and stronger than religion and stronger than all apparent differences and all differences in thoughts, emotions and lived experiences. Feel free to check this in any case possible in this multicolored month.


If you take someone in your arms with sincerity, if you look at a brother or sister with sincerity rather than thinking that he or she is in religion, that he or she is invading you or that it is something that is contrary to your way of life, it is that you are not free, you have not seen that the other is you. How do you live it, that the other one is you, if you reject it?

Of course, there is no question of letting people walk on their feet. I'm just saying that this is an exceptional opportunity for reparation. Here and now, you will see it there, through all the events that have been described to you, that Phahame has repeated at the level of the elements, at the level of social groups, ethnic groups, religious groups, financial groups.

The great forgiveness also concerns what I had called the bad boys since they are only us. Agape makes no difference; like the sun, it gives its light and warmth to all. He makes no distinction between the poppy, between the child and the old man. It's still the same radiance. You are suns.

You have to lose these habits of particularism. Even if it is indeed completely different cultures, but it is precisely through violence, alas, war that you will sometimes find yourself again. But again, since it's a theatre scene and it's a total dream, it's just a written script, so it's up to you to change your posture.

It does not mean once again embracing those who want to deprive you of anything, but take advantage of this to love them and you will see that they will quickly give up their culture, their religion or their ethnic or racial side. As a beacon of humanity, it is up to you to demonstrate this.

Always put Agape everywhere and you will check that it works even before your thoughts and before any recrimination regarding religious, cultural or facial aspects as they say since everything is you. It is not a concept, it is not a joke, it is the strict truth, there is the great forgiveness and there is the great surprise that will begin in a few days, is it not. That's why it's also called multicolored, but you'll understand what it means once the month is over.


Sister: There are no more written questions.

So oral questions, testimonies, what you want to say. You know, I don't want to tell you stories anymore, but a little like Abba, to help you find your way around, to situate yourself in what you are going through; that's the most important thing. There is no need for stories anymore, no more carrots and sticks, by the way, that's all over.

Sister: Hello OMA. I will try to elaborate a little bit for the people who are not attending who are our brothers and sisters who are in other countries. I am currently wearing a face of you on my heart, which we have had printed on sweaters.

It is the multiplication not of bread rolls but of OMA's.


Sister: Yes, and sometimes a brother arrived and offered me the Quebec flag that he tied around my neck and this flag is from the time when René Lévesque wanted to establish Quebec's independence here.

What I felt in me, the fact of carrying on my shoulders and back this flag and as your face is on my heart, for me this flag, it is you who is carrying it on your shoulders now.

And this flag, because our brother Louis made a new flag of Quebec this week and the one I carry is the old one and for me, it represents New France, the control of religion and politics that has been exercised for so many years in Quebec.

Yes, I reassure you: these forces no longer control much.

Sister: Then for me, I can't explain how I feel, but for me, there is an end to this old flag with all that it represents and the new flag that our brother Louis made and I would like you to share with me the fact that you carry this Quebec flag on your shoulders.

Sister: Then for me, it's... I can't explain how I feel, but for me, there's an end to this old flag with all that it represents and the new flag that our brother Louis made and I would like you to share with me the fact that you're carrying this Quebec flag on your shoulders. Do you have anything to say about that?

What is the question?

Sister: The fact that I carry this flag but which in reality with the image of...

If it is the new Joan of Arc, be careful not to burn.


Sister: I did think about it earlier. For me, it is you who are on my heart with the image but the flag is you who carry it on your shoulders.

Yes, we can say that the simulacrum, as Abba said, joins the sacred, it is the two sides of the same coin. And the fact that this earthly act of raising a flag, of course, to a symbolic but also sacred virtue in relation to what I told you when I came back here outside my body in June, quite simply.

But I don't see what more I can say than that, except that the simulacrum meets the sacred in the act or, as you say, I'm wearing this Quebec flag, but I remind you that all the flags will end up in smoke. There are no more nations. It is a war of all against all and dissolution.

So, of course, you have to collectively fulfill your country's motto, I explained it as I did for all countries because that's what ends the film. Of course, I do not hide from you that you have many brothers and sisters who have located New France with the shift of the poles into a future that will not exist as the new... the new, the new consciousness if you can say so, that is what we must see. But do not see there, the persistence of any simulacrum.

That's what I can say. But also, it can be addressed to you regardless of the face you wear that is mine and the flag that covers it.

That's the interest of the last ones, if you will, brides of history. The last flanges of history are part of the revelation of the revolution that is underway all over this planet, of these upheavals but also of the solution and if there is no more projection of consciousness with dreamers who dream of a new earth or whatever, you will live this by yourself at the moment of the white paradise.

As Abba always says: "Let the dreamers dream. "But there is a total concordance of the simulacrum with the sacred. All this, in the dream, in the illusion, but which reaches somewhere into the Truth.

Because the illusion or relative truth, if you prefer, can now be superimposed on the absolute Truth. You look on one side, it is the simulacrum, you look on the other side, it is the sacred until you realize that there is no more simulacrum and sacred since there is only the joy of Agape and that there is only the Absolute, the Parabrahman as our dear Bidi would say.

It's a way, again, to write the ending word like when you tell a story to a child at night before he falls asleep. Besides, a story is made to fall asleep, isn't it?


Sister: Yes.

That's exactly what it is. And you told yourself, we all told ourselves stories but we knew at the beginning that we had gone through it because we had lived and written everything but we had to find a mnemonic way if I can say to remember you. You are the beacon of humanity as those who remember. Because they have kept somewhere a form of authenticity. That's all. That's all.

Sister: I just want to clarify that when I spoke of New France it was not for the purpose of something coming, but as Quebec being named New France at that time.

There was no perpetuation of dreams or anything in... maybe I misspoke at that time. And I know that we are on our last day of meeting, I know that a surprise will be announced, I don't know if it's by you; I'm not asking for it but we're looking forward to the surprise.

What was said there? Didn't you forget to transcribe there?

Sister: [...]

Oh, well.

Sister Translator: In her question when she spoke about New France, it was not to bring back, to perpetuate the dream.

It's more to solve it, yes, I understood.

Sister: More like the name given to Quebec in the beginning, before.

Yes, absolutely, I understood correctly.

Sister: Very well. The surprise, Bidi told us about a surprise.... Bidi.

Sister translator: Bidi told us that we were ready to receive a surprise. Is it through you that we will receive it?

Well, yes, I just told you.


On December 8, the festival begins.

Sister Translator: But I have a question, yesterday we were meeting Phahame and our brother Jean-Luc forgot to activate the recorder and we don't have a copy of this recording. Through our brief, we tried to find the message.

I think that Phahame must have told you about the elementary activities of the waters above and precisely about this great forgiveness and reconciliation through precisely climatic, societal, financial, cosmic, terrestrial events and all that we can imagine. It's going to be a big mess, that's why I mentioned multicolored.

But it is precisely in this great bazaar that is more, I would say a priori, I do not make any predictions or prophecies but I make a human aspect even if there are the elements, even if there are great, great events happening, the important thing is the multicolored aspect of individual and collective consciousness on this earth where a lot of lighting will be done.

And the insights are not in the sense of explanations of why and how, but here I am talking mainly about Agape's insights and what you are outside of any history and any territorial or other consideration.

Yes, Phahame and I hope you mentioned it, she said to make resonances, network and spatial resonances, spatial resonances, inter-dimensional on the places that will be blessed by these events.

Because Yes, it is really the case of a commotion, of chaos in the usual living conditions that human beings have the most possibilities to find themselves because they are no longer in their daily comfort, they are disturbed in their dream which becomes a nightmare and there, they have no choice but to think of other things than their daily routine and their social life and interpersonal relationships.

At that moment, in despair, in suffering, in the upheaval of living conditions for one reason or another, there is an incredible access, a facilitation to Agape. That's what you're going to live through and that's the big surprise.

You will see it from all over the world precisely as these events unfold, because fraternity in emergency and disaster situations is naturally promoted by human kindness, even among the most selfish.

That's the surprise, but it's not a specific day, it starts on a specific day and chances are, as I said, it will last until the end of this year with an aspect that is both crescendo but also, how to say, you will go from surprise to surprise, both in the collective theatre scene and in your own consciousness depending on where you are at the moment. Are you in character? Are you in the illusion of a becoming or the Self. Or, are you real?

And the surprise is that you will see it yourself, of yourselves, for yourselves and for the circumstances of your country, the territory or the elements that will manifest themselves, not only social but also cosmic events.

The big surprise is this. These are totally new things that will erupt on your personal but also global theatre scene. I'm not necessarily talking about light vessels or scrap metal vessels, of course. I'm not just talking about Nibiru. I'm talking about things that erupt on the stage set but also in your consciousness.

It is, I would say, unless the event occurs in this period, but it is a succession of events that will lead to a repositioning of planetary consciousness regardless of the occurrence or not of the event.

Sister: I will add something. I would add that, perhaps there is a possibility that Abba will not leave Quebec? Because the day starts on the 8th.

This is the surprise of the 8th. If it starts on the 8th here.

Sister: Then Abba, he left the next day.

Anyway, I think Abba has decided to follow the intelligence of the Light and no longer questions where he will be according to the event. I have already said that he is becoming more and more homeless, so what more do you want me to say? Well, he's itinerant, but when there's no transport, we stay where we are.

Sister: That's right. Well, thank you.


Don't sabotage the planes though.... maybe he has something else to do. Whatever happens, what has to be will be. If your life conduct is this, you will experience a terrible, immeasurable feeling of freedom, despite this body, despite your sufferings, despite the problems. You will recognize yourself. Without it, you know what you're doing, you tie him up, you keep him from getting on a plane.


Sister: We will give her the message.

Brother: Hello OMA, it would be a two-part question, if you will. Since the beginning of the interview, you have spoken several times about veils, veils, veils that are thinning and also what we can see is that before our resonances were rather, I would say, located especially between us, on earth, towards countries, towards brothers, that's it, well now just by the terms we use, Agapè resonance, spatial resonance, so there is no longer anyone and in more, multidimensional. So now we use the Agape resonance inter-dimensional resonance.

You can continue the Agape resonances network to being to being, if you want.

Brother: Yes, too.

It's not one or the other; it can be whatever you want.

Brother: But since we are coming or going towards more multidimensional then, can we say that, well, the veil risks or (it is a beautiful risk) to crumble completely and from us, if we can say, completely, well, good... the Source or the universe, if we can say.

The veils I'm talking about first of all are not the veils as I said, i. e. the magnetosphere, the heliosphere and the ionosphere. This veil is the ultimate veil in relation to the Absolute Truth. That is, the junction of being with non-being. That is why Abba always said: "Let the dreamers dream", those who are in the spiritual pride of the Self, because they are at the edge, they are at the door of this veil.

The veil for them is not totally dissolved. Those who live Agape, the fire of the sacred heart who are no longer fooled by creation, form or worlds, when they say that there is no one, they live it; it means that in them this ultimate veil that separated being and non-being no longer exists. That's the veil I was talking about. There, I'll let you continue.

Brother: All right, you have, I think, answered a good part of it. It's just that I was thinking somewhere now about the spatial resonance, interdimensional, well, will do like a little vibrating, that's the second aspect of the question....

There is a second part.

Brother: ...by this spatial resonance, I could see that, probably, we were doing this resonance, if we can say so, the universe even more but despite the fact that you say that now it is more between being and non-being, if we can say so, that it was happening.

Yes, but I would like to point out that this veil is not the veil of confinement. The veils of confinement are the magnetosphere, the heliosphere and the ionosphere. This veil, I repeat, is present in all dimensions, without exception, because the dream had to be traversed in every possible way before the Truth was lived.

So, yes, at the inter-dimensional or multidimensional level, when you do this Agape resonance you will dissolve the veil in all dimensions. Of course, many peoples around the world have already understood this and are rejoicing, but you have, I remind you, dimensions that are beyond anthropomorphism and for example the civilization of the triangles, for example, the four living Hayoth Ha Kodesh who must also experience the cessation of this veil, the dissolution of this veil and for you individually as well, here.

What was the question?

Brother: It is on its way; it is coming; it is arriving; in the end, the second part. I was thinking that this interdimensional spatial resonance was like a parallel with what you had already told us, when the butterfly breaks a wing, well, the whole universe, finally of account, vibrates; feeling it, our resonance will eventually become more...

Quite by specifying and stipulating that this ultimate veil between being and non-being could only be dissolved in a totally inclusive way of all creation, all dimensions, all universes and suprauniverses and multiverses but also of absolutely all the One consciousness.

This is what is happening and it is thanks to this that the month of December is multicoloured. So, by the way, on December 8, if you looked, it was the Immaculate Conception in terms of simulacra, fine. Well, then you'll realize that there was never a conception (laughs), neither immaculate, nor carnal, nor otherwise.

Brother: Surprise.

You will live it.

Brother: That's all, thank you.

And I refer you back to almost at the end of December when I remind you that at the astronomical level, there is an annular eclipse of the sun, that is, you will find the ring of fire, the ring of the primordial alliance whose inverted image is of course the ring you have in these films and books by Tolkien, the ring of the alliance of fire. It's not just symbolic; it was written in the simulacrum that, a sacred counterpart.

The alliance of fire is the igneous fire, it signs, I did not say that there was this event on December 26 or just after; it can as it cannot; but there is indeed a form of collective awareness and, I have already partly explained but which relates not only to the resolution of history or dream but to an lived experience and understanding of what being and non-being is all about. Such an intellectual understanding.

Sister: We continue with the questions.

Brother: It won't really be a question plus a testimony.

We're listening to you.

Brother: To thank OMA especially for the time I have been listening to you, you is in front of me, I am very honored by this. Then, since the intelligence of the Light makes me here with my spouse, and it's been almost a week, I don't have any more questions to ask; everything is easier to live with.


Thank you very much. Everything will be lived in spite of the chaos, but we warned you, more and more easily and with more and more joy, and I can even tell you that some of you will burst out laughing when they see, live and check that all this is a vast farce; that is Freedom.

And I thank you.

Brother: So do I.

Translator: We have a sister coming forward.

Sister: With regard to video games, I would like to have some insight.

Yes, let's hurry before we turn off the power because right now....


Sister: There are different points of view about the information that is circulating on the Internet, one of which is about the President of the United States, Trump.

The what?

Sister: Trump, the trumpets. Mr. Trumpets. Some say that he is protected and that he works to combat paedophilia in video games. Is he a good or a bad guy?


Sister: Is he a predator or a benefactor?

It has a mission, yes, indeed, to unmask everything that is deep and hidden. Now, I'm going to answer you differently too. What does it matter to you to live what you are? Nothing. Please don't waste any more time with this kind of childishness. You must love unconditionally who is a good boy, bad boy. Don't make any more difference or you will condemn yourself. To the extent that you judge, you judge yourself. To the extent that you discriminate, you discriminate against yourself. Stop these games; it's gone on long enough.

I explained it in relation to cultures, races, religions, everything is just you. If you have these kinds of thoughts, what do you feed? Not only history but duality. Because you are interested to know if it is good or if it is not good rather than to keep you busy, at the time I would have said about your buttocks, but now I am telling you about your heart, about Agape.

Agape must take up all the space of reflection and your thoughts. If you are discriminating to know what is good, who is predatory, who is a fraud, who is true, you will never be true. You are immediately part of a prolongation of duality.

Ask the brothers and sisters who live Agape all the time. Do they care who Trump is, who this is, of course, even the head chief talked about the President of France a few years ago because we were still in history, but now you have to ignore all that.

If you make a difference in thought, in Agape, in interest between Trump, for example, and anything else, you are still in duality. Don't feed that anymore, take care of your agape and butt also a little bit anyway.


This is not how you will live the Truth in its entirety. Because you are feeding something that no longer has to be fed. It's a theatre scene; you can be interested in it; you can look at what's happening on earth, but when you have these kinds of questions, first of all, it's up to you to answer them.

But all the more reason if he is a bad boy, you have to love him twice, three times, than the one who is a good boy. He is the one who needs it the most, and if he is, on the contrary, a missionary being, and you think that, what will happen? Well, now, the return of the Light, it's not going to be very nice for you, it's going to reintroduce you into duality, but not only, but also into doubt and fear, you secret your own fear to me.

So yes, there are a lot of stories going on, you know, there are people who are interested in this world who know what's going on, I would say, behind the scenes, but if you're not involved behind the scenes in one way or another, well, take care of your video game. You have enough to do in each of you to find yourself completely. And it is not by looking at the theatre scene, you look at it as a curious being of what is happening, yes, but above all by looking at yourself.

Be careful not to nurture duality, but rather to love it, especially with everything that will happen there. If you are not in Agape, even if it is a theatre game, a video game, you will find yourself led by the latest égrégores of religions, financiers, politicians, banks, cultural, racial, religious. Is that what you want? Moreover, you will soon see that you will only be obsessed by Agape. Agape as I already said will take all the space and all the time.

Let everyone play their video game, everything is in their place, everything has been written. Be quiet as Osho would say, be lazy, live in your simplest humanity, forget all the stories, make sure instead that you are available and present for all the brothers and sisters you will meet, from this world or other worlds.

Sister: Our sister would have something to add.

So add it up.

Sister: There will be exchanges between human beings because there will be the holiday season soon, and then there are very strong opinions. Is it silence that is required?

But if you have family, on the contrary, and if you like it, enjoy the holidays, but if you feel you have to be in silence to enjoy it, it's up to you. Each case is different, I can't give you a single conduct, of course. But of course, if during this period, rather than participating in all these orgies of food, meetings, food, lighting, gifts and so on, if you have the opportunity, without harming your family or anyone else, stay calm. But if you have responsibilities, take them on, that's what was written for you.

Remember, you are in the exact right place. If it bothers you to celebrate the holidays, and there's a family, then celebrate the holidays is the right thing to do. Be available, even to play this role-playing game that you can no longer support. On the other hand, if you are in a situation where you have the opportunity without disturbing anyone to remain calm, then remain calm. And especially this year. This is precisely what you are doing that has been written in relation to this holiday season. I mean, if you go that far.

Sister: Thank you OMA.

Thank you.

Sister: Nobody move.

Would the great silence set in?

Sister: Oh, no, we have a sister who is attracted

Sister: Hello Oma, I would like to give a testimony, a little pleasant to make a change. I want to talk about trees. About fifteen years ago, I planted a tree in my house, a maple tree. Then throughout its childhood, I did shape it so that it would become a giant tree of all beauty. Often, when I passed by, I would talk to him, then from time to time I would ask him: Can I put my hand on you? I touched it and kept doing what I had to do.

One day, when I was walking by him, he called me, then I asked him what he wanted, and he told me: approach your body against my body. Which I did immediately because I was happy. And when I leaned on him, I received all the energy that surrounded me. And he said to me: now you are me and I am you. Then, later, he said to me: in your heart, you have become the forest.

I decided to talk to you about trees because people talked a lot about animals, and I consider that trees have done a great job on this Earth.

But that, as I have always said, dear friend, perhaps between you too you talk about animals, but trees are essential. That's why the bad boys tried to cut as many as they could. Thank you very much.

Sister: Thank you OMA.

Brother: Hello OMA.


Brother: Since the beginning of the teachings, we have been prepared that everything that exists in Creation, whether on Earth or elsewhere, is part of an illusion. So, whether in duality or non-duality, all Creation will dissolve, and we will go into the Absolute. What I am asking for....

I'm correcting, you're not going anywhere. There's no need to move, it's always been there.

Sister: Did he answer you?

Brother: Yes, he answered me. Thank you OMA.

Sister: Thank you OMA, it answered the question.

There you go.


Brother: Thank you.

You're welcome.

Sister: A brother is approaching.


Brother: Hello OMA, I am testifying to something very simple. I had a dream a few weeks ago, where I was very, very lucid and present, and I saw a big black ball under a blue background, and I had the impression that it was the Earth. And this ball was black with a few small circles. So my question, I had the impression that I saw either the Initial Instant, and also the Final Instant. Is my perception right? Because I feel that all I have to do is embrace life as it presents itself to me. I feel like that's all I have to do. So is this the famous veil you're talking about that I still have to cross?


Sister: What he saw...

Oh no, not at all, what you saw was indeed the Earth scenario. And you have already known for a long time that there is the White Paradise of stasis, just after that there is the black hole. The Earth seen from the outside will be black, before everything is reabsorbed by the Earth's black hole. It's not a veil, on the contrary, you had, I would say, a vision of the end result. Before all the galaxies are reabsorbed, even if it is in you, collectively you are made up of the earth of Gaia. Of course you have a body of flesh, whose food is the constitution[...] of the Earth.

Until now we had told you that there was the Event, the stasis, 132 days, and then that you would go according to your vibratory affinity, your stellar origins, in 5D, in unified 3D, in intraterrestrial or in the Absolute. All this is of course obsolete. And the vision you had corresponds exactly to that. You, you live the White Paradise before the black hole, it is the two sides of the same room, where the last veil is, but evidently the Earth must live the same thing. The galactic and solar flashes, the White Paradise, and immediately afterwards, the black hole, which allows the reabsorption of all the dreams of Creation whose first dream took place on Earth.

Brother: I think that answers my question, my testimony.

Sister: Thank you OMA.

Sister: Hello Oma, my brother's testimony made me relive in myself what I lived yesterday when Abba played the tam tam. When Abba started playing the drum, the rhythm of the drum, every time I hit the drum, I lived it in my hands, my hands made the same movement as the stick on the drum. And through me, I felt the vibrations of the Earth running through my body, and at one point I was living the time of the Earth, on the left side, with a movement that became very, very accelerated, the same thing on the body on the right side, and it was the same thing for the forward and backward movements.

I had to ask my spouse to hold me back so as not to fall either forward or backward because the movements were so pronounced. And then there were spiral shapes inside me, like vortexes, a bit like the crystalline heart of the Earth that passed through me in a very, very accelerated movement. And when you answered my brother, I had an answer in my heart and I would like you to confirm if it is right. Could the Earth have passed through the black hole in my heart?

Not yet.

Sister: Not yet, but can you tell me the explanation of all these movements in me?

But it is simply communion with the Pachamama, with the Great Mothers, with the original sounds. It is simply the pulsation of the Earth. The shaman drums awaken the forces, it depends on the rhythms of course and who holds the stick as you say too. But this is what makes it possible to resonate with the primordial memory, not of the first dream but in any case of the first dreamers, that is, the Pachamama. And what you felt that came from the Earth was obviously the life of the Earth, its primordial rhythm, just as you have a heart rhythm. That's what happened. But for the black hole, finally[...] the Earth in your heart, really and concretely, it is necessary first that the White Paradise arrives.


I think they've exhausted all the questions there, haven't they?

Sister: Thank you OMA.

Thank you.

Sister: We still have a few minutes left.
If there is one last question, then.

Sister: Yes, a brother is approaching.

Brother: Hello OMA.


Brother: Do we have to live the White Paradise before we necessarily live the Black?

At the Earth level, yes. At the individual level, fortunately not. It is safer to pass from the person to the Absolute than to transit through the White Paradise, in your individual journey at this time. Because the risk of White Paradise is to remain frozen in this glimmer of Light that I called spiritual pride at the time. There is more certainty by going directly from the person to the person, and living after the fusion of being and non-being, there is less risk. In quotation marks, eh, risks, you are in the heart of the dream. But it's more direct.

So there is absolutely no obligation at the individual level. Until now and for many years, we have made you deploy Supraconsciousness, that is, the Self, because collectively, it is much easier to move from Self to Truth, once enough of you have lived it. But that's been years, hasn't it, that there's already enough of you? But, for the individual, no, especially now.

But living in darkness must not be something that is simply seen, without it, it remains a vision. It has to be lived. At that moment, you can only laugh, there was never anyone there. And you will see that consciousness, by living it, is a dream. It is not a question of vision, it is a question of lived experience. But there is no obligation. There you go, dear friend.

Brother: Recently, on several occasions, I have had a very clearly defined black rectangle in my field of vision with my eyes closed, at rest.

So what?

Brother: My question is this: will this black that I saw in the shape of a rectangle eventually change to a round shape?

I'll answer you. Just before, what is seen does not mean that it is lived. So that it turns into what you want, as long as it's seen, it's not lived. It's when it's lived that you see that there's only black, but it has no form. You say it yourself, there is still a form. But there is no form. So the form is a visual mechanism, even if it is the etheric vision or the vision of the heart. It means it's getting closer, but when we talk about White Paradise, there's no shape, neither square, nor oval nor rectangular.

When we speak of the Absolute, for those who plunge into this Absolute, it is your abode, you recognize yourself, but there is nothing to see because it is black. Do not confuse what is seen and what is lived, even if it is perhaps, and often, a first step.

Brother: Thank you.

There you go. And all the more so because when you live the nothingness, the Absolute, the Ultimate, it leaves no doubt and no question. So here we are in a visual mechanism, whether it is an etheric vision, a vision of the heart or an inner vision does not change anything in the matter. Especially since you mentioned shapes. Both the White Paradise and the Absolute have no form.

Sister: Thank you OMA. We are already at the end of the allotted period.

Well, my dear friends, I convey to you as usual all my love, all my Agape and all my blessings. And I thank you for your interest, for all the questions and exchanges we have had over the past few days. And I tell you as usual, I'll see you very soon. Goodbye.

Brothers and sisters: Goodbye.



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Do you have any other questions about scalar waves, or shall we move on to general questions? Come on. General questions, then. Who wants to ask a question?

-Sister: Me, it's not a general question, it's an addition to the flood.

Ah everything, testimony or whatever.

-Sister: No, in relation to Phahame, there is something else that came back to me.

Ah, Phahame. Yes, go ahead, but it's...

-Sister: I apologize for the little hands there, who are going to have to add this. But when Phahame was talking about the flood, she mentioned that it's water from above, depending on where you are on the planet, it's not just water there.

No, it's not.

-Sister: It's the snow she mentioned, snow, hail, ice.

Yes, yes, absolutely. She also talked about the other elements but, well, it's not important, we gave the broad outlines.

-Brother: It's a question from a sister who's not here, who corresponds with me, in the groups, in general, on Facebook. It's a question that I think we've already talked about, OMA had talked about it. I'll pass on to you what she asked me. She said, "Ask JLA to tell us what's happening with the organic portals. ». That's what she said.

They don't dissolve, they disappear, there's no soul, there's no spirit, there's no consciousness, they're robots. But having said that, even we disappear.


-Brother: There you go.

The only difference is that at the moment of disappearance, before passing into total a-perception and bliss, you will have what is called the ultimate consciousness that will accept because it sees the Absolute. It is the fusion of being and non-being just at the moment of the white paradise. But the organic portals, well, they become nothing. What do you want them to become?

A cat, when it dies, I had, we had a cat with Elodie, who left, who died, who came back to me in her original Sirius form, it was beautiful...


...in the dream of creation. Organic portals, what do you want them to become? There's no such thing. Well, we don't exist already, so you can imagine an organic portal.


Another question.

-Sister: Are you recording?

Yes, it's recorded, of course.


I'm losing my mind, but not that much anyway.


-Brother: My question is: with all the changes that we are going through at the moment, with all the... the... really all that has changed... well, starting today, in 2019, where are the deceased going?

Ah, that was explained at length by OMA: since the liberation of the Earth...

-Brother: I'm talking about today.

Ah well, it's the same thing.

-Brother: Okay.

That is to say that the disembodied no longer pass at all through the astral archontic spheres, that is to say the famous tunnel, the meeting with the so-called Beings of Light, the members of the family. They are put into stasis in an inter-dimensional level, that is not a place of manifestation of life like 3D, 5D, 11D, 18D, 24D, but in the atmosphere of the Earth, sheltered from the astral, in a stasis mechanism so that they can also experience the event.

-Brother: They are waiting.

Yes, in stasis.

-Brother: But conscious?

Ah yes, in the white paradise. In the white heaven, you are conscious.

-Brother: Because when they say that consciousness will disappear...

Yes, it will disappear at the moment of the event, which is not just a planetary event, which is an event in the whole dream of creation and in all dimensions. It is a collective moment.

-Brother: There there will be no more consciousness.

But no, no more at all.

-Brother: Well, what are we going to have?


This is a typical example of the kind of questioning of someone who lives the Self, but hasn't yet discovered what is behind the Self, you see. It's not a mistake, it's not a flaw, it's not a criticism, it's just a statement. Of course, as long as you do not live the Truth, you always wonder what you are going to become. Do you think I wonder what I am going to become? Ah yes, before we knew all that, even I, well, I knew where I was going to go, I knew that I was going to take a tour of my stellar origin, Altair, and then afterwards, the Absolute. But now I don't even have to.

But that's... you can't understand it. Whatever words you put into it, you have to make the sacrifice of the Self, accept that consciousness is an illusion, a total disease, and there you are available to live it. And this is the danger we were talking about with Dominic, is to artificially maintain a consciousness. Anyway, we all disappear. But the conditions of disappearance in Beatitude, well they will be different if you put your consciousness in front of and projections linked to this consciousness, since consciousness is a projection, you will have more difficulties.

But you cannot question yourself from the Self, even the purest Self, about what the Absolute is. Only by letting go of the Self, that is what has been called sacrifice, not only of the person, it is not a question of committing suicide or crucifying oneself, but it is in the conscious acceptance that you are prior to consciousness that you will discover the Truth and say as I say, as Bidi, as all those who live it: there is no worse illusion and disease than consciousness.

Individuality does not exist, it is a deception. We are inside each other and there is no one. When we say that, it is not concepts, it is an experience, I assure you. That doesn't prevent me from living and being with you, and letting the conscience express itself, and living Agape, and being on the theatre stage.

On the contrary, you transcend the theatre stage and you are in total availability, that is the Agape state, you are no longer fooled by consciousness. Still, you have to see the illusion of consciousness. But that is what is called the Eternal Absolute I who has nothing to do with consciousness.

Beware of the confusion of words and concepts. You cannot evoke the Absolute. You cannot say anything about it, it has been explained, it can only be translated by the Agape state, which is an interface, but you must not stop at the consciousness. Consciousness is a swindle, a disease, it is something that is a decoy, like this world. But the consciousness cannot accept it. The character, yes, but the supra-consciousness, that is to say the Self, which is also linked to spiritual pride, will never accept it. But as I say, let the dreamers dream, the main thing is that they live Agape, and it will be at the last moment. But you can't question the Absolute.

-Brother: That's where, that's where everything, for us humans, the deconstruction we have to do with everything [...]

Of course, of course, first we had to rewind the film, that is to say, rewind the film of the story, that's what we did, to discover the deception. Because me, at the time, when I was freed by the wave of life in 2012, I lived, I lived the Absolute, at will. I close my eyes, hop, and at that moment, I am sucked into the black hole, I see all the worlds and all the dimensions around me, as with some entheogens, but me, I do not move.

For example Castaneda when he speaks, all the shamans and everything, they are attracted by the experience, when they see the snake and everything, the life cycles, they play the game, they are convinced that it is true, because they have not found the center. Me, when I have found the center, I stay at the center. I see all these worlds, I see all the consciousness and I know that all this is me, I live it and I really see it.

At that moment, you can never be fooled by your conscience again. That does not mean that you will refuse consciousness, since we are incarnated, we have a body consciousness, a physical consciousness, a historical consciousness. It is there, we might as well use it. You are not going to stay like a neuneu, like that, and wait: that's it, I don't exist, I don't exist, I don't exist.


This, you have it, so this is called a derealization, a depersonalization, which is very well known in the Advaita Vedanta, in non-duality. People who have studied the Advaita Vedanta and who are stupid enough to say "this body is going to go for a coffee".


No, you're a complete idiot. You're the one who's going to get coffee through this body.


You see a bit of the misunderstandings that come up, of people trying to conceptualize the Absolute and not living it. But the Self, at a certain level, is the enemy of the Absolute. The Self, the famous White Light in which we are immersed, that is what creation is about. It is a trap, it is an illusion, but even more perfect than this world. Accept it, the freedom you are experiencing at that moment cannot even be qualified. You're still human, of course, with your faults, with your tricks, but you get through it all. And it's a relief you can't imagine.

-Brother: Thank you. I'm going to make a funny play on words: thank you for this little crucifixion, because I've just taken the fiction out of it.

Thank you.


Any other questions? Come, come, come.

-Sister: I have a little testimony.

A testimony. Then come here.

-Sister: Which has a little to do with...

Wait till you're sitting down before you talk.

-Sister: But I still speak loud enough, I have a good carrying voice. (Laughing) I wanted to make a small testimony that is a little bit related to what we are talking about here. One day, as you know, I was prepared to live what I experienced in the month of November, so I experienced many things.

That's what you've told us here. Black November.

-Sister: Yes, that's right. Then it was one evening and I went to bed and I had a lucid dream and then I found myself in the white paradise. Then me, how I experienced it was: we have no more bodies, we have nothing left. But that's the joy.

Ah yes, total joy.

-Sister: The ultimate joy. But me, I wanted to leave... I was leaving, I was leaving, I thought it was over, I was leaving, I was leaving my body.

No way!


-Sister: But no! What happened? I fell in my body, I fell in like a rock.

Yes, that's it.

-Sister: Hey there, then there, I was electrified in my legs all the way to the sacrum.


-And there I was in my bed: Ayoye, ayoye, ayoye! Then I saw the electricity going up, then: ayoye, ayoye, Agape, Agape, ayoye, ayoye, I embrace, I embrace. […]


This is the beginning of the consummation.

-Sister: Yes, yes. Fact is, this is what I wanted to share with you. Because the electricity, yes, I see it, the electricity around my body, and then I was really electrified. I could see, they showed me the circuit and then it would pass, because I think I would have died otherwise.

So, we have a lot of brothers and sisters who, among friends in France and elsewhere, who actually see all that. That is to say that in various and varied circumstances, not only in bed, they feel that they're leaving, they have to hang on to stay there. But they don't leave in the astral, they leave in the Truth. They leave in joy. So, indeed, the white paradise is the great joy, but just behind it is the great silence and the great emptiness.

-Sister : Yes, yes, I knew it, I just went there.



No, no, we're staying right here. We're not leaving.

-Sister: There, he said to me, you haven't finished, you go back.

There you go. And precisely, in relation to that, and even in relation to your testimony in November, you are living it, it is clear, but: accept it, totally.

-Sister: Totally.

And there, there will be joy, even in the character, whatever the sufferings.

-Sister: Apotheosis.

Thank you. Thank you.

-Sister: Thank you very much.


-Sister: It also follows up on the topic we talked about this week, and then again this morning as well. Me, as far back as I can remember, I was about four years old, I can still see myself playing outside, then I just felt like going there, you know, pointing my little finger, going back to the sky, to the stars. And then I wasn't sure why, but I knew I had to be there, that I wasn't...

...of this world.

-Sister: ...of this world.

There are many here who lived it as children. Oh my God, if you knew.

-Sister: Then I tried, I was looking for a ladder where I could go very, very, very high to get to my house...


-Sister: But on the front of the house there was a ladder. Then in my little child's heart, I dreamt that I was climbing, the house was still on a hill, it was high there. I looked down, I said: oh my sweet, I am high! (Laughing) Then I went up, I went up, I said tabarouette, I'll never be able to touch that, I went up on the roof of the house, up to the ladder and then I said oh my Sweet One, I looked up, I said: I'll never be able to go that far.

-So I came back down with some help from my little brother, because it was so high up that I was afraid to come back down. That's when I said to myself... I kind of let go, today, I can say it, I let go. And then I thought: It's going to be long! (Laughing) [...] all this time. I knew I was going to go back home, to the house, but I said it's going to be long.

-The years went by and then, the feeling in the physical body, feeling like I was in a prison, I felt like I was in jail, locked up. It's like... whatever can give me that, yet, I was happy, it was fine, but I had this feeling of being compressed, of being suffocated.

It's the truth, it's even worse than a prison, it's a corpse.

-Sister: Yes, yes. It was really painful. Then at one point I asked the question, unintentionally, which I understand in retrospect, it was one day, and I remember the day because it was Good Friday, I was home alone and then I just look at the time, 12:12. Then I, when I see some concordances, 10:10, 11:11, I have fun, I make my two fists up in the air: Yes, I'm going. Yes to what, I don't know.


-It's like, I'm told inside: Diane, go lie down on the bed. I'm listening. So I go to my bedroom and lie down and as soon as I'm relaxed, my body touches the mattress, phew! I see the... it's the whole, there's everything and there's nothing, I say my sweet, I look at it but, I say, is it me? That makes me understand that the whole is understood in the tiniest grain of sand, you said, that moment, when you can't understand it with your mind.

The mind, the mind, it cannot follow, it breaks down.

-Sister: It cannot follow it at all. No, no. I say tabarouette! I say I am drunk at least? I am everything and there is nothing, it is [...], but total freedom!


-Sister: Total, happiness. I came back, I don't know how long it lasted, I came back into my body and there I understood why I was... this immensity, compressed in a shell of flesh, there I understood where this malaise came from. So the years went on, but it helped me, it, for example, it encouraged me: Diane, go on.

-And I can say, maybe for the past three years, what I didn't understand, I felt that there was, there was something that came down inside me, a presence - because I don't read, I don't go on the Internet, nothing - there was a presence that settled inside me and I was listening to all that.

-Then, as the months went by, I realized that the ego, how can I put it, from inside me, the presence was taking its place and the image that I was shown was like a mother who is on the verge of giving birth, you will understand, when the collar fades and it fades more and more to help the birth of the newborn, it is as if the body of flesh, in etheric, it gets thinner, it gets thinner, it no longer has its place. Well, I was saying, don't panic, we are going to hold hands and we are going to have fun together, we are going to grow up in all that, you will not lose your place, as they say, there.

And in the last few months, what I feel is... I don't have, I don't feel the confinement anymore - because the terms you're using, that's exactly what it is - I don't feel that confinement anymore, it's, like I'm connected with the whole it's, it's... it goes through the walls, I feel connected everywhere...

You're connected to time zero.

-Sister: Oh, that's it, time zero?

That's it, yes, yes, of course.

-Sister: Okay. The shape is there, but it's, it's...

That's the Absolute. You can no longer be fooled by what you experience, by what you see.

-Sister: Oh, okay, right? OKAY. Oh my sweet! That's perfect.


You've joined the all and the nothing. And as I explained, it's a freedom like no other. Because indeed, all those who have had near-death experiences, or those who come out of their bodies at will, I was doing that again last year, when you enter this body, you enter something that is cold, that is rigid, that stinks, that is corpse-like, that has nothing to do with Life. Of course, as long as you have not lived it... but afterwards, it is useless, because you have to accept, in acceptance, that you are nothing, that you are an illusion, but that you are in it anyway. And that's true freedom, as you expressed it, inside and out. Everything else, the notions of energy, even if there are visions, things that are seen, who cares?

-Sister: Well, that encourages me, it encourages me enormously.

Well, listen, you're already living the Truth, what do you want [...]?


Okay, encourage what? Since you're already living ..., there's nothing more to do.

-Sister: Just be.

It's reassuring... but it's true that it's reassuring. As I told you, if I had been alone to live what I lived last year, to go out of my body, to go into a... to borrow any body of Light, of Christ, of Mary, of... any... That's when I saw that they were costumes, archetypes, which were empty, you see, but if I had been alone to live it, I might have been in a psychiatric hospital.


But as countless people live it, with different words, but it's the same thing.

-Sister: Okay, oh my God.

It's the same thing.

-Sister: Great, good.

-Sister: Diane, you know, I would also like you to express what you told me, that you felt a great emptiness, and you saw the Earth, you saw, it's good...

-Sister: Well, I'll dare... I'm usually secretive, I don't reveal, I don't talk, I keep everything to myself. I'm told it's time to talk. OKAY. I'm going to leave with a picture so it'll be easy. This is very recent again. Okay, yes, imagine that you have the earth globe on one foot there, that you buy at the bookstore, okay, to make me understand.

-Not long ago, I was like that physically and I, how should I say it, I didn't get out of my body, nothing, I saw myself standing and the Earth, the whole planet Earth was right there in front of me. Imagine the Earth that is all there, that... the being that I was at that moment, I knew it was me, I was looking inside the Earth, I was observing inside the Earth. But, I said, it's impossible, you can't be ... what was it ...

Yes, what I explained earlier, what I can do at will, what I can reproduce, as I said, with entheogens, DMT, psilocybin, iboga - ayahuasca no, ayahuasca sends you to the astral - and especially salvinorin. It's the moment, out of the body or in vision, in the same way, you are a point, and you know you are that point, and you see everything around you, and you know it's you.

-Sister: That's what I didn't know, I thought that...

This is it, this is the Absolute, finally, this is the junction of being and non-being, when you drop the shimmering of spiritual pride, of the White Light which is nevertheless an incredible joy, you come to this.

-Sister: I was afraid that it's a... that it's a... that it's falsified or that it's...

No, no.

-Sister: ...that it was like a little trickster that made me...

No, no, she's the only one...

-Sister: I was saying: it is impossible, the mind, it cannot.

No, it cannot, the mind, it cannot imagine that. It is the junction of being and non-being. This is what I was explaining to you, the same thing: I am standing in the center, at the edge of the black hole, that is to say I am able to maintain the consciousness at the limit of its extinction. I have sacrificed consciousness but, at that moment, I am able to see all the worlds, all the universes, all the dimensions, all the beings, all the creations, and I know that it is me.

-Sister: That's it. That's a certainty.

But with the big difference that I have "realized" the Absolute, I am not attracted by all these experiences. So, Carlos Castaneda, with the products he took, well, he was attracted to the snake [...] Ouroboros, he describes the coloured worlds. This is still your creation, but it's not the truth. The truth is this central point that allows you... even if you don't understand, there are times when I've experienced it, it's still... you wonder what's happening to you, what, because you don't see yourself anymore, you don't identify yourself through a body...

-Sister: That's exactly right.

...there's no more bodies. Yet you're a point, and you know you're everything else. Without a shadow of a doubt.

-Sister: Mmm, that's a certainty.

That's what Nisargadatta said: the only difference between you and me is that I know I'm God, you don't know that yet. So, not the god we are talking about, Yaldabaoth and all, rather, in Sanskrit, that is, the Source, if you prefer. But that's exactly right.

So it proves that all the people who are in shamanism, who are in the... Castaneda, the writings that we have, these are people who have been dragged by the dream and who describe particular universes to you, who are real in the dream, but who have no substance.

The real Joy is White Heaven. The Great Silence is the Absolute Truth. It is when you join the two, being and non-being, that you are free. That is what I say all the time, that is what it expresses. You are in a body, but you no longer feel the confinement.

-Sister: That's it, actually.

It doesn't mean that you're going to escape from the sickness, suffering or everyday human problems, but it changes everything. It changes everything, because at that moment, whether you want it or not, you really and concretely know that everything you see is you. There is no one. There is only you.

And the quantum entanglement is the multiplication of the dream with infinite images, like the archetypes and the falsification of the archons with the great archetypes of this world, you are all holograms of me. And I can't help but love you. That's not a concept or moral conduct. It is the truth. How can I do anything but love? You can't.

There's no enemy, there's no devil, there's no god, it's all you. And it is a great freedom as our sister expresses it, even if we are in this body, cadaveric, rigid, cold, dead, it is no longer embarrassing. We've found each other again. It is exactly - said with your words to you, and your experience to you - the same thing. It's the same thing.

-Sister: Thank you very much.


Thanks to you.

So, I would also like, because it's something that surprised me this morning when I said hello to you, the ones I met, compared to the other days, is that you all told me you all feel wonderful. A lot, at least, everyone I've met.


Or the ones who weren't well, they avoided me!


But I found it surprising, this morning is the first morning when everyone says to me "wow, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine". It is surprising.

-Sister: I'm fine too.

Lise! Come, come.


You're fine, too?

-Sister: Very very well.

-Sister: Aaah...

All right, then. There you go. There you go. So, you see, it's simple. We don't need visions, we need to share. We need to be sincere. We need to be present. It's self-actualizing. It just does.

The first step, our sister just said, when you're like this, there's joy, you don't know why. It's just a matter of accomplishing completely, of accepting what is, as I say all the time, letting time zero be, and you discover at that moment that your true home, that's where there's nothing left. It is not the white paradise, because the white paradise there are no more forms, but there is still a light. In the Truth, the light is only a projection of the Absolute. It is the first dream of creation. The initial flash, if you like, is the final flash, which has been called the solar flash. It's the same thing. It's come full circle.

And when I say I'm in the centre and I see the dimensions, I see circles nested like nesting dolls inside each other. And what is surprising is that one could say, they are nested, so there is the first sphere, the second sphere, the third sphere. When you try to zoom in on what is perceived, you see that the first and last spheres are totally interchangeable, interconnectable. This is difficult to describe in words.

But one thing is certain, it is that when you live this, you have recognized yourself. And besides, the consequences in your everyday life are immediate. Because at that moment, your body will be transformed, your mind will be transformed, your thoughts will be transformed, your behaviors will be transformed, but it is not you who makes the effort, it is done by itself. And you are in what I have called the natural state, the eternal, absolute I, which does not depend on any creation, on any world, as Nisargadatta said: the universe will pass, the creation will disappear, you will always be there. But don't imagine that you have anything to do. Or to be.

It puts an end to the engine of suffering, to the engine of the mind, to the engine of consciousness, and you can only see that consciousness really is a disease, that we ourselves have created, since there is no one and there is only us.

This is unstoppable logic. And whether it is through the words of our sister who spoke before, whether it is the channellings or what I am telling you from my own lived experience, it is the same thing, said differently, but it is exactly the same thing.

So there is a great difference between the Presence, the Self, and the Truth. In the Truth, you see the Self as a total sham, as something unfinished. You cannot cheat the Absolute. You either live it or you don't. Even like our sister before, who is unable to put a word on it. You don't have to call it Absolute, Parabrahman or Ultimate, but you live it. And you get it, because you lived it, even if you can't put it into words.

Understanding comes from living, but not at all from intellectual grasping, or intellectual predation. Sometimes you can't find the words, but you know what you're going through anyway. And it's such a truth, even in relation to energy, visions and everything, that it's all a show. It's all show.

Now, Agape is the interface, as we have explained, it is the junction of being and non-being. But after Agape, after the great Joy, there is the great Silence.

Of course, when I say "let the dreamers dream", especially those who are still in the vibrations... I live the vibrations too, of course, but I am no longer stopped by these vibrations. I leave them free, they are there, they are part of the dream, but I am none of those things. And paradoxically, it makes you lucid and you are totally present. Much more than the one who is in the Self and who has not seen the Truth, absolute, and who will feed, unconsciously, the stories.

I cannot tell you stories, I can talk to you about concrete, material stories, lived at the human level, but I cannot project my consciousness. I don't want to, even if I can. In fact, I've stopped. Last year, I told you, I went out in any costume of Light, that I borrowed to go see people, and they confirmed it, and they saw me, as you see white forms today, but they saw me in a very precise way, they knew it was me. I could even take the costume of Christ, of Bidi, of anyone, it was real. But it's no use.

Be true, be lucid, be present, be loving, and care about nothing else. It's a direct path. It is much more than the path of childhood, it is the path of authenticity that is there as soon as you accept that you are not all that you see, all that you feel, all that you perceive.

Awareness is perception and it is our true and unique home. Everything else is just a partition of the dream.


Anything else? I'm looking at the time...

-Sister: 7:00 p.m.

Yes. Ten more minutes.

-Sister: [...] that I lived, in 2008, Pierre and I rented a small cottage in [...]. Very beautiful, on the edge of a natural lake. The kitchen faces the lake. It's like eating almost on the water. A dock. And one night, I go to bed, without asking for anything. I already had a small mass of flesh after my left breast. I [...]. All of a sudden, I [...] my eyes in the night and then there was like a big star right in front of me, which sent, how do you call it, a laser beam, right there. I opened my eyes wide and then I let myself go, I didn't say anything. It kind of disappeared. I closed my eyes again, it went away the next morning, then the next morning I had nothing left. That's all I had.

Thank you. Nothing more to comment on.

-Sister: I don't know what it is and I don't wonder.

Exactly! Then don't ask me either. (Laughter)


Honestly, I don't know.

-Sister: Because I went through a lot of other things afterwards. With medication and everything. I was very, very low. I went through a twenty-four hour hell in the hospital. You know, I had [...], I don't remember anything, the doctors found that I had done, you know, Beck's triad. And I'm living with that, I don't even know what it's doing inside of me. I don't know, I live with it, and then I feel good. And then since I've been here, my heart's even hotter, and then, even last night, it paralysed my right side here. It got all hot. I saw blue, bluer than that, and then I fell asleep in joy. And then I woke up really well in the morning.

The purpose of the encounter, it's called an Agape Encounter, is to live Agape. Whatever the manifestations, the visions, the energies, they do not call for an answer. I can explain to you, in relation to your lived experience, but there, I don't know, it can be... so many things... But it's not important.

-Sister: But, does that really mean a triad of Beck...


-Sister: Beck triad.

Well, you have to explain what that means, I heard that...

-Sister: Well, the doctor told me it was a tear in the husk of the heart.

Ah, a tear in the pericardium?

-Sister: Yes.

Yes, that's right. Agape is the tear in the pericardium. It was explained a long time ago.

-Sister: But I don't remember anything. [...] inside me, it doesn't hurt. I've been living with this for ten years.

Yes. But now it's gotten stronger, you say.

-Sister: Oh yes. A lot since, besides, since I got back here on Sunday.

Yes, yes.

-Sister: Thank you.

Don't question yourself.

-Sister: No, I don't want to question myself anymore.

Live it. And you will see that you will indeed have all the answers as soon as everything, precisely, these visions, these manifestations, that you accept, even if they are there, not so much ... you must not drive them away, you must not fight, you must not oppose. But simply accept, as I'm trying to explain, to let them go through. Truth is right behind.

-Sister: Yes.

What you are, in truth, is right behind.

-Sister: Did I take a lot of medication, even, a good period of time, and then some of it was quite strong, I would tell the doctor: stop giving me that, you are freezing my brain.


-Now, the doctor, twice a year, I used to go. Then I confessed, in front of the doctor, even if he told me, "You are ill, madam", I said, "I am not ill, I am not ill, it is a state that I am experiencing, different from what I was experiencing before, but I am not ill. Then the last doctor who treated me, I confessed that, look, you give me medication, I don't take it anymore, for a while now, I've decided not to take it anymore, not to come to appointments, I feel better and better.

It's called empowerment, that is to say no longer depending on an external authority, even the most competent one, because the Agape state doesn't need external things. And when you put yourself like that, in submission to a system, in this case a medical system, the poor don't live it. It is necessary to understand that when we are in this state, for those who do not live it, even at the level of those who are in visions and things like that, we are madmen, but then for those who are materialistic, we are truly sick.

-Sister: I was in psychiatry.

But that's their point of view, they are right from their own point of view, they are right.

-Sister: I said, you helped me, but now I am helping myself.

Exactly. So this is true freedom, or autonomy.

-Sister: And there, the doctor was like that: she had no choice but to accept my decision.

Of course she did. It had to be your decision. That's how you became autonomous.

-Sister: That's right. I told her: if, however, but I don't think it's coming back, that I need help, I'll come back. It's been five years and I haven't gone back, and I don't want to go back.

You're quite right. You're damn right I don't. Thank you.

-Brothers and sisters: Bravo!


-Sister: Thank you very much.

Last thing, very, very quick, anyone? Come on.

-Sister: This fall I had an experience with an eight-year-old child. It was to help the mother that... (Big noise)


-Sister: That's my chair.


-Sister: She is a mother with three children, including a newborn, she has her oldest at eight years old, she has ADHD. Does that ring a bell?

Yeah, yeah, ADHD.

-Sister: That's right. And, this child, I've always been in contact with her since birth, and then, well, it's a problem at school, so I offered to pick her up after school and then do the homework session with her. But I knew that it wasn't the homework session that I wanted to do with her, it was more to be in contact with her outside the house so that it could take place in a calmer context, since there are other children at home.

-Then the mother, she was always resistant to medication, she didn't want to medicate her, but this year, let's say the disorder was more apparent and she started to medicate her. And when the medication started, it's like I felt like I had no more business there. That I didn't have any more, what I was bringing to her, I wasn't bringing to her anymore. Was my feeling good?

Yes, it did. Then, I simply specify that the children who are labelled hyperactive, TDHA, are, most often, children who have been called indigo, crystal or diamond, who are not at all in their place at school, because they are connected to another form of information and education which is their own Light. And of course they are considered crazy by the educational system. Because they are not at all adapted to society and the world.

-Sister: Then there are more and more.

Ah well, there will be more and more, fortunately. Not for afterwards, but to experience the event, it will help.

-Sister: Okay. Because recently, in the press, there was an article about children born after 2010. So, they are maximum nine years old. And the article said that it was a generation in distress. I thought that was a really strong term, in distress, they are nine years old. Then, that's it, you can see a lot of anxiety in children. So that's it, it's because they know they're here to live something other than what they're taught, they're locked up...

Absolutely, they are related to something other than individuality, the mind and the person. This is totally true. I have a grandson, my first grandson, who brought me a drawing, one of his first drawings, because he's only two and a half years old, collages that he had made in a learning day at school, and the parents were on their asses. They didn't dare give me the drawing, because I had never talked to him about it, he drew me a drawing of a whale with his baby, with the sign of Jonah, the child too, it was him, he had cut out a picture of the Mediterranean Sea, not far from where we were going to see the whales, he had signed it by cutting out a turtle, which is an extremely strong shamanic symbol that, as if by chance, corresponds to the symbol of the Innu, where we went in the month of June. He gave me this drawing in August.

-Sister: From this year?

From this year. It's amazing. He doesn't know anything about it. [...] And he put exactly, in his collages, Phahame and his baby, the sign of Jonah, that is, the child, the innocent who goes into the belly of the whale, the sign of Jonah that there was in February of this year. And the parents, of course, my son is in the same state as I am, but they are wondering: where did he get this. Because they are connected to Universal Intelligence, quite simply.

So, of course, well, they're not at all adapted to the school environment. They have a very high IQ, they're also often called zebras, they're children who are also called "high potential", who we can sometimes spot, but not always. They are children who have not taken many incarnations in this world or who are less used to the form than we are. They come from elsewhere, indeed. That's the point.

-Sister: Thank you.

Thank you. So we're going to stop because it's time.


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